Extended Emergency Regulations

We are not totally in agreement that extending this is the right thing to do for the country, however lets make the most of it and try and get the damn thing lifted and let the media regulate themselves. But comments like the ones below do not make it easier for those who are trying to get the bans lifted.  Our comments are in Blue.

A political and union leader in Fiji says it appears the interim government intends to extend the public emergency regulations indefinitely. (APPEARS, appears??? There is no proof that this will extend indefinitely and it won’t be)

The government has announced that the regulations, which were introduced on April the 10th, are to be extended for another month.

It says they are needed because of the security situation in the country.

But Pramod Rae, the general secretary of the National Federation Party and of the Bank and Finance Sector Employees Union, says it suits the regime to keep the regulations in place for a long time. “They gain a lot of comfort from it. They are able to operate without scrutiny and operate in an environment where they keep the people afraid. And that appears, well it usually does for dictators, that’s how they operate dictatorships. So they have created an artificial environment where they obviously feel secure and will continue that.” (WELL…..  isn’t that interesting that Pramod Rae is an expert on Security!!  Amazing stuff Pramrod.)

Pramod Rae says there is no real threat to security to justify the regulations. VINAKA PRAMROD…. next time you open your mouth can you please say something sensible.


One response to “Extended Emergency Regulations

  1. We are better off without the poorly written, sensationalised and divisive stories that pass for news in Fiji. The views of the fishy times, supported by big business interests and the ethnonationalists, also do not reflect the views of people. Instead they perpetuate the ignorance, misunderstanding and mistrust that is essential to keep the elite in power and keep the common fijian in shackles (physical AND mental).

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