Not All Methodists Support Lasaro

lasaro-manasa2Methodists are not stupid and realise the truth that these dirty-politics clergy are up to.
A few rotten Methodist clergy are trying to divide and destroy the church.
Senior clergy have voiced their support for the interim government and the military to clean up the rot in the church.
The church consists of police, military and people who don’t support the SDL so the claim that the 200,000 Methodist are all in this situation together is shallow.
Take away the Methodist who don’t agree, the prisoners, the sick, the children, the lazy, the old, those who simply don’t care and want to carry on with their life, those who will never be confrontational, those who don’t support Lasaro and you are left with a very small minority.

10 responses to “Not All Methodists Support Lasaro

  1. The church as an institution and the people who are entrusted to lead and administer the goals of the institutions are two different entities.

    Often the church is blamed when those in roles of responsibility abuse their office for their own gain.

    Unfortunately we are creatures of habit and Reverend Manasa Lasaro is very clearly one whose history of rebellion is almost legendary.

    It is good to know that now he has met his match and just as well too. ANy other soft talkin, liberal windbag would have have been bullied into submission. We need people who can say No when they need to and stick to their guns cause that is the only way to deal with the Manasas of this world. And the church who the truth should be courageous enough to say NO o the Church will lose its credibility and overrun by any persuasive enuff Tom Dick or Harry.

  2. sa rauta mada

    Lasaro have history of rebelion. Sunday ban, coup of the Qase Levu post from Rev Koroi, and again instigator of anti mil govt.
    What about Kanilagi Is it true that he transfered that church property in Toorak to his name when Senator in the SDL govt????????
    I think these two (Lasaro and Kanilagi) have something hidden which is about to be exposed.
    Dont cry for democrazy church. It comes from the word demon and crazy So let live Kingdom living like Tonga where there is no democratical rule.
    Sa dri yani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Though many of us do not condone Rev. Lasaro’s extreme nationalist views, we would still resist any temptation to deface his photographic images. Hope this esteemed site and her contributor’s stick to principles, please.

  4. Not all methodists support Lasaro BUT majority of us supports him regardless of his political agenda. What wrong does the IG see in that? And whats the IG’s business in our church related matters?

  5. SDL4LYFE and are the “majority of us” if you’re not Methodists?..are you lower ranks Military personal, grassroot Fijians of all denomination? I’m no Coup apologist, but please let the present Leaders of the Methodist Church take TOTAL controll. Give these two fromer President some generous retirement package, and let the New Generation of leader a chance, Goodness!!

  6. Semi I’m not a coup apologist too. You said let the present leaders to take TOTAL control. Well they are taking control, with the advise from the two previous experienced leaders. What is wrong with that? This shows that the IG is afraid of something will happen, if they (IG) know that they have the majority of the people behind them, they shouldn’t worry of such thing might happen. The worst part is that the church and we methodists are victimised, at the same time they (IG) allow the Sabha’s are given the green light. They must be laughing at us right now. You talk about retirement packages and let the new generation take control. I agree and same principle should apply to the current IG. Why is Epeli Nailatikau our vice president? I’m sure there are other ‘new generation’ out there that can take the post. They must be up to something…fishy…

  7. SDL4LYFE..we could only take our hat off and acknowledge the many faithful Methodist like you.

    Still, God speaks to the present President and Gen Secretary too. With all due respect, for the former Presidents to continue give advise is an insult, especially when one Couped President Koroi and the other was part of the 2002 Coup cheer squad. And we say all Coups, against Church or Governments are ALL Evil!!

  8. @SDL4Lyfe the problem lies with the fact that you support him regardless….
    With or without this conference the Methodist Church will survive as it is far greater than corrupt people who try to gain from the church and the events put up b y the church to serve their own purpose.
    The IG is putting an end to this because it REGARDS it good enuff reason to intervene to stop corrupt people from taking up a corrupt and Unchristian crusade of political manipulation.

  9. All clergy position are for life & nobody will take away from Rev MLasaro or TKanailai. Man of the cloth are the voice of God to the government.The Military should accept all voices from any denominatuon who voice there concern for the running of the gov. Human Rights been violated, thats where the church comes in .

  10. sa rauta mada

    Zizama, there is nothing in the church or the bible as Human rights. Human rights is of satanic principle. There is only GOD Rights and Kingdom living. Get away from the so call human rgihts and democrazy as they are not Godly.

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