Methodist Church is Politicised

The think tank of the Methodist church consists of politicians from the SDL and now has Tupou Draunidalo advising them. (We will have all the names out in a few days).
The church standing committee has been meeting but the political faction including Tupou Draunidalo has been meeting in Davuilevu after those meetings to counter what has been decided.
Manasa Lasaro the same guy who led the road blocks to enforce the Sunday ban in 1987. Manasa Lasaro is the same guy who ousted Rev Josateki Koroi in a head-office coup. Manasa is the same guy who paid for people to bash up Rev Koroi after ousting him in his coup which the police were ready to prosecute but was stopped by Rabuka. Manasa Lasaro campaigned to be church president again last year but lost out and is hell bent on taking power again.
During the latest meeting in Davuilevu it has been mooted that Tugauwe and Tuikilakila be removed and Lasaro and Kanailagi take the helm again.

3 responses to “Methodist Church is Politicised

  1. Well said, the entire story about the Methodists is only been seen from one side, its a good thing that politics were taken out of religion.

    The power hungry guys at the top of the church are the ones that are influencing the rest, its such a shame

  2. And then add to it “E What tiko mada?” Tupou Draunidalo!!!!

  3. duavata kei iko max. levu tiko na lotu lasulasu.who you guys are trying to fool/ you fools.

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