The TRUTH on Michael Field – $$$$$$$$

We can’t help but wonder what the hidden personal agenda of Michael Field is.  He has certainly thrown out all ‘journalistic integrety’ and is now seen as nothing more than a bitter and twisted old man who’s writing is best served on a Anti Government blog site.

Perhaps  Field is not exactly honest about his intentions as an indepentant writer.

lets ask the question, is  he  receiving a nice pay packet from Anti Government supporters to discredit the current government. ???

At the end of the day we believe Field has  SOLD OUT and SOLD FIJI OUT.



8 responses to “The TRUTH on Michael Field – $$$$$$$$

  1. Well finally the TRUTH is out. Well done Real News, this guy is so Anti Fiji and it stands to reason he is being paid to discredit the country. I wonder what big business man is paying his large fees?

    FIELD you are a disgrace and NEVER show your face back in FIJI we simply dont want your type of scum in our country. And how dare you involve yourself in our politics. Do you know what you are doing to the lives of the every day fijians in this country?

    Whilst you sit in the confort of your big home in NZ spare a thought to what is really happening in Fiji and try and understand that unlike you we havent SOLD OUT!

    You are an uneducated moron who has no bloody idea what is happening in Fiji.

  2. I despise Mr. Field and his recent outbursts as much as the next friend of Fiji… but to make such a claim without proof anonymously makes you as much a rumour-monger as those “other” wannabe bloggers.

    Why should I believe this anonymous unproven claim more then an anonymous unproven claim on the other R Fiji News.

  3. @mark

    let me state this, when has Michael Field every told the truth, when has he ever had any facts, he has rmour mongered for the past few months, dont take the high ground this piece of scum deserves everythign he gets,
    how can you support this guy when he is spewing lies. The guy is a has been and everyone knows it

  4. With his reputation and credibility in tatters he has become a common blogger perpetuating the ideals of those whom dwell in the darkest cavern spewing nothing but venom.

    They are the most despicable form of humanity.

  5. Well this bloke is infact a certified prevaricator and he seem to wallow in it.

  6. Michael Field who started his career as a Volunteer in Africa and later in Samoa where he later wrote a book about the politcs in that country. A fter short stints in various papers as chief bureau and journo doing drab suburban stories in NZ he quickly tried to claim fame from hs experience in Samoa and quickly spun himself as a an authority of Pacific Politics.
    He was kicked out of Kiribati when they had the unfortunate Biketawa Accord and PIFS mtg there. He has managed to get himself as correspondent for various key news agencies speaking on Pacific affairs. What is clear is Michael Field is an opportunist who thinks that the Pacific is Polynesia as most NZers tend to think. He has a website that has extended to include India now to extend his credo. He makes money from our misery giving them sensationalist stories and comments. he needs to keep himself on the map by being outrageous and has as recently shown that he is another scum who lives on Pimping Pacific Out and in this case our beloved Fiji.

  7. Hunter and Rika

    It’s also time to expose Russell Hunter and Netani Rika, two of the biggest news media hypocrites in Fiji and the Pacific, who engendered skirt journalism in their newsroom.

    A man with a well-known record of using every means to get back at his enemies – Hunter used the Fiji Times to relentlessly attack the Chaudhry government; when he moved to Samoa as editor-in-chief he used the Samoan Observer to discredit and attack Fiji’s geopolitical interests at every opportunity.

    Now he is using the NZ Herald to achieve his aim.

    Once Russell the Hunter “Bulldog” goes after you, you have no place to hide. He will not rest until he gets you, as Chaudhry found out.

    Now Hunter wants Bainimarama ousted so he he boast he helped remove two Fiji PMs. Hunter has found an ally in the gullible Radio Australia, it seems. The sheer arrogance of this man raises one’s temperature. He had the same colonial attitude in Fiji and Samoa.

    During Hunter’s tenure at the Fiji Times, a reporter who had an affair with former prime minister Rabuka was used to write stories against the man who toppled Rabuka as PM, Chauhry. This was on a daily basis.

    Clear conflict of interest and totally unethical – it happened under Hunter’s watch. It was deliberate because Hunter will stop at nothing to exact revenge.

    It was blatant because this man thinks we in third world countries are stupid. He felt he was far too intelligent for the locals and the natives and could get away with anything.

    This man did immense damage in Fiji. He damaged Fiji Times to such an extent that it was clear the paper’s days were numbered. Hunter’s antics in Fiji contributed to News Limited eventually losing ownership of the Fiji Times.

    His protege, Netani Rika, with his colonised thinking, only drove the nail in deeper because he was a Hunter clone, with no strategic approach or independent mind. Rika, like Hunter, was blinded by his anti-Chaudhry and anti-Bainimarama zeal, and could not see beyond simplistic messages of media freedom. He loved the attention and enjoyed being in the limelight overseas as a champion of media freedom but did not follow journalistic ethics or basic decency by sending Rabuka’s lover to cover stories on Chaudhry.

    Yes, Fiji Times was a mess and a farce and a disaster under the Hunter Rika team but these two fancy themselves as some sort of crusaders on Fiji’s behalf.

    Hunter managed to use the Times to oust Chaudhry but such activities on the part of this expat editor eventually caught up with the paper.

    The eventual price of Chaudhry’s ouster was News Limited losing ownership.

    Well done Hunter and Rika, you should be proud.

    These two have been strutting around talking about media ethics and freedom of speech while having destroyed Fiji and the media in Fiji.

    Hunter tried the same antics in Samoa.

    Instead of improving Samoan Observer for the benefit of Samoans, he was using it to get at Bainimarama. Good thing the publisher kicked him out or he would have damaged that paper and that country too.

    Russell Hunter is a dangerous man, do not be fooled by his rhetoric about freedom and all that.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 2:54:00 PM GMT+13:00

  8. Michael Field and the others will learn that truth will always triumph in the end. The truth sets you free. A tangled web has been spun by the above mentioned reporters and they are trapped in it.

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