Vanuatu back Fiji at ACP

Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama provided an update on the political situation in Fiji as the 89th ACP Council of Ministers opened today in Brussels.

In his update he underscored the necessity of the President’s action in abrogating the 1997 Constitution following the Court of Appeals ruling of 9th April, 2009.

Bainimarama then highlighted that the abrogation of the Constitution by the President was considered necessary in the difficult legal situation Fiji was faced with on 10th April.

He told the council – the new Legal Order now allows the President to continue with the reforms that he had embarked on and which was supported by a majority of Fiji’s population and was encapsulated as a credible way forward in the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

The Foreign Minister for Vanuatu – Bakoa Kaltongga, supported Fiji at the Council.

And he called on ACP Council and the EU assistance to Fiji to bring about a lasting resolution to the political situation in Fiji and support the implementation of the necessary reforms for the welfare and economic wellbeing of the people – Radio Fiji


4 responses to “Vanuatu back Fiji at ACP

  1. I have posted this link in “Fiji Uncensored”. Pls read to better understand the actions of Frank/Iloilo as to why it was absolutely necessary

  2. Fiji is radically reshaping the political landscape of Pacific regionalism. PNG, Kiribati, Tonga, Solomon ISlands and now Vanuatu have voiced support for an alternative approach to solving Fiji’s problem. Samoa on the other hand our natural competitor for hub of the Pacific is apple polishing as it has a lot to gain if the Forum Secretariat, UN Agencies and International orgs relocate to Apia an idea mooted in 1987. Unfortu ately geographically Samoa is too peripheral and dull and homogenous. The cost for relocation is just way too much.

    The Pacific friends are looking at Fiji to see how our problem will pan out and NZ and Australia are afraid that we may lead the march to look North which may isolate them to antipodes. Bad enuff their national trademark companies are getting their products manufactured in China,

    If the two down South know what is good for them they should support us back to our feet and lay off on the hard approach. If they do then the only ones they may be dictating terms to may be the penguins down further South.

  3. who needs australia and new zealand /when china can bankroll your vision. so piss off drau yavu boci.

  4. Agree totally with Reason & Joe. Not only is there China, but there is the United Arab Emirates that constantly provide assistance to developing countries. Samoa on the other hand continue to have trade deficit and must rely on NZ & Oz for economic and political support and as main trading partners. NZ & Oz have led the way in terms of infrastructure, trade & development, health, education, government, etc. etc., but Fiji can look further afield to achieve more of the same things ‘big brother’ did.

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