What is wrong with this picture?

Does this look a little odd to you? Does Ballu Khan look slightly GAY in this picture? Why is he dressed as a soldier? Why do we care!!!



47 responses to “What is wrong with this picture?

  1. He looks like a member of the Taliban.

  2. is this the same guy who had his homevideo sold in suva recently.the actress did most of the acting and there was no script,boring!ha.

    maybe he wants to look fearsome in the army jacket like Osama B Laden.

    this guy stole millions from the NLTB,he even mortgaged the office his failed company rented at the NLTB to the NLTB.

    I believe that he hasnt got enough of the punishment he had when on fiji soil.

  3. In his scarf and army jacket, but without reflective sunglasses, it seems that Mr Kahn is attempting to look like Commodore Bainimarama did when photographed walking through Suva with some troops in 2006.

    Is it a send up, or is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? You be the judge…

  4. What !!! Has Ballu Khan changed sides.?.Is the theme song from his home video changed to ‘DONT U WISH YOUR BOYFRIEND WAS HOT LIKE MINE’………………………Ballu Khan after your Oscar Winning Performance in your home video, we just can’t take you seriously…so SHUT UP please!!! Not interested in your boring speech!!

  5. Hysterical!!! Ballu, I think you need better advice on your wardrobe choice, or do you have a burning desire to play a soldier in your next short film? Stick to making movies and keep out of politics please.

    @Confused – you are correct, how can we take this guy seriously.

  6. Blindedbythelight

    This is the funniest picture ever…thanks for the joke ballu. And it wasn’t even april 1st! Oh man…what a laugh! Anyway, trying to look commando-ish does not suit you, but if army fatigues will get your joke across, so be it! HHHHHHHH….

  7. Blindedbythelight

    joe…taliban or talibean!??? hhhhhh…i’m still laughing…sorry…can’t help it…it’s just too funny.

  8. Yeah, yeah Ballu, you look really scary. I’d say you’re more TALIBEAN than Taliban.

    The president of Fiji democracy & freedom movement surprisingly was awake during his speech. He is known to have been bitten by a rogue tsetse fly at the local fruit shop which keeps his eyelids sealed all the time. The guy just can’t stay awake. I hope he’s getting treatment for it.

  9. I now realise what’s wrong with this picture… he is NOT laying on his back like a dead STARFISH!!!

  10. Noob Saibot

    Nobody cares.

    He’s a has-been porn king who was using Fiji’s people to loot and plunder our land to fulfill his own greed.

    Ballu will never return to Fiji again. Once bitten, twice shy!!!

  11. Man,! the NSW police should have just arrested him for looking soo ridiculus and a wanna be!

  12. Ballu has a long history scamming several state sin the USA on Utility Billing software until the citizens found out that they were being double billed. This was found out just before he was aboiut to make a deal with the State of California. But he walked away with a packet and tried to make a name himself this side of the world with Tui In NZ. they were gullible enuff to think he was the Man when he tried to dominate the Auckland Blues and try and buy celebrity status there before he waded over home and then did his Bullshit and unfortunately govt of the day bought it. And now with his largesse of scammed cash is playing charades and posing as a freedom fighter/crusader ex failed porn star/ wanna be Mandela cum Taliban/Peter Foster Copycat crybaby/ viagraphiliac.

  13. Liga ni vutulaki tu vei iko ballu.

  14. nomu davo tu ena davodavo ya,me qai dua vei iko,na bai ni tavioka, luveni boci. kua so na viavia sotia, gandu, dau vesu mona, lesu mada i viti ona ciba.laurai mada nomu viavia sotia tiko.

  15. Balu got all those $m from porn DVDs with nona vakasuva kaca levu. Balu lasa i tuba was like a marama dina sorry one of the big KALAVO who got her share from the porn dvds with actor Balu. But try to get the DVD in which Balu on the other side of the coin just like the picture nona samuraki tiko vua e dua viavia vakai John Holmes tu

  16. @ Samuraki. I havent seen the new one with BK on the other side of the coin… Sa where can we get a copy or download…. Dau sara blue laurai vei iko Samuraki… BK was really making a statement quite apart from the fact that he is rich boring fcuk…. That he was screwing our country and our people whle wallowing in the lap of luxury…. BK me Death by Mugabetaki!!!

  17. Bally who, This rotten Indian conman who has to force himself on woman and buy their families off while treating them like dirt behind closed doors. He is a rat who is guilty of conspiring to murder F bainimarama because he wanted to play god in Fiji. He deserves to be put in a hole with rodents of his type and left there to contemplate his predicament.

  18. ballu dog Khan goes on tvnz and slanders F Bainimarama for his abuse of womens rights. Well you just have to ask the Bulatiko’s how serious Khan is about womens rights. Poor Agnes had to endure a multitude of indignities causing great psychological stress to her away from the public eye at the hands of this low sleazy two faced dog. Their can be no forgiveness of this dogs sins against gods laws. The public should know everything about this conman, And Agnes family should be appalled at the treatment this scum subjected her to.

  19. Ballu skunk khan(pepe le Ballu) needs to ask himself the question…Why do his women run at the first serious opportunity that becomes available to them? Did his previous girlfriend in Melbourne run away from him in the middle of the night to another country with a man she met on the internet- despite having a child to old Ballu- because she loved him so much? They have all been desperate to flee his sorry psycho skunk ass. He learnt after that to target poor women and get a whole heap of hooks into them that he could pull anytime, Smart he thinks eh?….Fucken low!! Why doe’s a man have to force himself down a womans throat? Because he’s fucked thats why!. Ballu targeted a woman who had little chance of gaining an equal footing in the relationship ,That sounds like to me the method used by small and insecure little boys. He learnt that he must put their family members on the Ballu dole adding one more brick in the wall that Ballu built. Poor Agnes…he finds out everything about them under the guise of”sharing” and then uses the information to blackmail his women into staying with his skunk finkelstein ass. Whoever heard of a happy women trying to escape a nice and caring rich man? They dont! You pig ignorant fuck! So you would think this moron would wake up to himself and realize that hey… there must be something wrong with me? But no.. not our pig ignorant dog of a psycho skunk pepe le Ballu…no He just sweeps all the evidence under the carpet and pretends that all is good in” La La land” Poor Agnes Poor sweet Agnes. You might wear Armani but your taste sucks Ballu! You might look real swish in your designer clothes but your character is the lowest. Does it even register to Old ballu… the scumbag tactics he used to force Agnes into marrying his skunky ass? Your so fucken lucky that none of Agnes’s brothers had an ounce of my character traits ,or the smarts to deal properly with you in a language that you would definitely understand! Esala should have kicked the living shit out your dog head,and then screwed you for compensation to the whole Bulatiko family for the trouble you caused them.You missed out on a really big one had that of been the case!!The shit you pulled on Agnes -a sweet girl who would never have had a problem with a decent and caring man- is despicable!! And Ballu blames her for the fucked up consequences of his fucked up ways! where do you get the idea that turning siblings against each other is ok Ballu? What.. so you can have Agnes wait on you hand and foot all day ? Your own real live personal slave eh?Your a fucked up unit Ballu… Time will tell you slimy ,conniving ,duplicitous, egotistical,dog! Time will tell. (just because i swear a bit don’t mean shit, its misleading to judge books by their covers isnt it Ballu??? You filthy low rat who dresses Armani. )

  20. Ballu “The desperate” had to resort to religious brainwashing,Fijian wayward witch doctors who talk rubbish and nonsense of family curses if ballu and Agnes don’t reconcile,threats and ultimatums coupled with bribes to force a poor girl into marrying him. They came down on poor Agnes like a horde of screaming lunatics. Ballu had conned the whole family.” Visa’s for everyone if Agnes marries me” Poor Agnes, stuck in the middle between Ballu the manipulative dog psycho and her horde of selfish family members who sold her to the rich man for a paltry sum. SHAME. No wonder she just flipped out and gave up. She knew that would happen to her… We had spoken about the evil tactics leveled against her in previous times. And she was scared. Your a low filthy Indian maggot Ballu. It was obvious that religion was a control and guilt tool to dominate the thoughts and mind of the intended target. The grossly perverted understanding and practice of religion and it’s purpose was jaw dropping. Why doesn’t Ballu simply ask his woman “Sweety, What the fuck is wrong with me? if he dares to shut that vomit hole of a mouth for 2 minutes and listen to her,(as she is really quite clever )then he may just learn something. What was with you going through Agnes’s apartment when she left you? And harassing her family until they were desperate for you to shut the fuck up and piss off? And interrogating sisters like a crazed Nazi?You were really showing the depth of your psycho “true colors” there Khan. Your really are a psycho fuck. We had a good laugh me and Agnes did about that one. We joked you probably were going through her underwear draw and most likely wearing a pair of her elle macpherson Knickers on your head…..Your a fucked up psycho Khan.. She knows your a fucked up psycho as well. And when her head is able to fathom what you actually did to her precious one and only life, out of your egotistical selfishness then …then, You wanted Agnes because you calculate that she is not strong enough to ever fight you back. You wanted a weak woman to lord over as only a tyrant does. Well I’m tipping that you are in for a big shock one day…. Middle of the night Ballu… Middle of the night! The kids wont hold her back either, She should have listened to her father. No Indians! He knew what the Indian is all about.There is a reason why Indians have such a reputation. They are mostly all rotten lying snakes. Anywhere you find the Indian, you will find treachery,discord,theft,and the worst character traits to be found in the human genome. Ballu, you are Indian perfection. Now you really need to grow a set of balls and rally whoever the fuck you want to, pay them whatever the going rate today is for a clean hit($150,000 u.s for a pissant like you!) and make good on your threat to do me harm. I dare you dog.

  21. Ballu Khan can blame nobody but himself for his poor reputation.Stop blaming Agnes you weak fucking dog! Egotistical psychopaths never really have good reputations,Do they Ballu! He seems to miss the point that people are always eager to part company with him? Ballu explains this to himself.. that their eagerness to go,must mean that they are really just eager to return to me… it’s them wanting to come back quicker! isnt it? OH poor deluded psychopath Ballu , he is so good at twisting stories in his head. But he still suspects that people don’t really like him.. and right he is . He has become really good through practice at ignoring the obvious. Now, I know its hard for you to understand normal human behavior Ballu, so I will make this simple…When a woman get’s up in the middle of the night and jumps on a plane to stay with a man that she just met, It most definitely does not mean that she “loves” you. Twist away all you like…You forced that woman into a situation that she was desperately trying to escape.You exploited the fact that Agnes has a very gentle nature and is easily Bullied.This is how you like your woman.(You weak dog!)You think you were clever in your strategy of coerciveness but like all things evil, you will not make this edifice of deceit stand any longer than your previous attempts at normal human relations. Personal relationship’s are beyond your comprehension Ballu , You just don’t get it, that you are twisted and that is THE problem. You see to me, that would just be logical, but you however are ill, and it most likely will still not register to you? You must get it through that thick Indian pig ignorant head of yours that it is not OK to yell at a woman for not showing you affection! You and your Indian way’s suck! You cannot force anybody to feel anything that they don’t feel. Especially your use of punishment’s and incentives to force Agnes into showing affection for you. This will screw her up even more over time. So…again I say to you and there must be no misunderstanding by you. Ignorance will not be accepted as a defense! If you cause her to suffer, if you hurt her, if you twist her mind so badly that it becomes obvious for all to see that she is struggling to cope with a marriage forced upon her by YOU via threats,intimidation and ultimatums, then you can expect the unexpected. Thus far in life you have bullied others, woman especially without sanction. That time of your life is most assuredly over!!!! You seemed to believe that I was a womanizer and a drinker and all sorts of unsavory lies created by you to vilify me in the minds of others. You wish I was the above things Ballu, You wish…. If you twist her Ballu, I will twist you, and everything that is dear to you so badly that you will curse your mothers name for having ever born you unto this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Men never blame others and always take responsibility for the events that transpire in their sphere of influence, A true master never blames the slave, Ballu khan is constantly shifting responsibility to everyone but himself and this tell tale sign speaks volumes of his fundamental essence…SLAVE.

  23. So Ballu, who was it that put Agnes up to writing the E-mail threatening her sisters with legal action if they referred to your case in their immigration applications? That was an example of your unconditional support for the Bulatiko family YES? And a full 4 months prior to me arriving on the scene…All because the girl’s had shown a commendable interest in being self sufficient…..YES? …. and you could not have them becoming autonomous could you? You foster dependence over freedom, don’t you Khan? You care nothing for the freedom and emancipation of others, your only concern is the preservation of YOUR freedom to abuse your position of power over others,you think people would for a second believe Agnes would write that E-mail without your poisonous influence driving her actions? Just as i know the threat to harm Michael and I did not come from Chris but from YOU. When Chris was not in your company and writing texts and E-mails at your instigation it was detectable by me that he is a good person and is not aggressive. YOU are aggressive Khan. I AM AGGRESSIVE. The Bulatiko’s are not. Who’s idea was it for Sisa to threaten Agnes with the police for what was a minor family matter? You want people to believe it was Sisa?… and it had nothing to do with you? You are Indian poison khan…And everything that stems from you is Indian poison.Without your corrupting and poisonous Indian influence on them, they would be just another united happy Fijian family. You brought divisiveness, difficulties and hardships into their lives while never accepting responsibility for their hardships, It was YOU who got caught planning to murder, your foolish actions and your big mouth created an environment of lies, fear and deception, the fruit from your tree is a rotten fruit Khan. And this will not change… as you are too old a DOG to learn new tricks…. if you continue to twist the poor woman and over time she breaks, then I promise you have never come across one like me.

  24. You will curse the day you ever threatened me and my associate. You will curse the day you purposefully created lies about me,you will curse your big mouth when confronted with the words you have spoken about me .You will only have yourself to blame . I haven’t finished with you..not by a long shot. Your only option is to make good on your threat to do me harm…that is the only option I am willing to leave you, DOG. You think to threaten me and that’s it. You deluded fool!!!!

  25. Ballu, kua ni kawaitaka na vosa oya..era jealous taka ga na nona kubuti iko kei na nona sua niu takai iko na marama ni Lau oya.Ha.ha.ha…..o ni qai kaya ni kaca levu …esa misi mada ga na marama ni Lau oya…rau sota vata na i sua ni niu nei ballu…..oi au we….sosodregadrega na pilo.

  26. one word…..B OCIIIIIIIII


  28. wailei tel Agnes not to guise everythin as she was also involved in the porn movie.VAKASISILA!….ewwwwwwwwww….downgraded bitch.

  29. Screwing a piece of shit for money…hope you choke on it bitch! We know you wont be choking on Ballu’s cock….the home movie show’s that it ‘s too small !

  30. He needs to sit on a STAR SCREW DRIVER……………….HEHEHE

  31. Laughter much

    He’s a nobody accountant now. Got a pathetic little practice in a shit part of Auckland. What happened to the big shot? Can’t Con Kiwis eh Ballu?

  32. Rau Sota kei Barasi…Nodra levu tu oqo na tagane ni Viti,ia sa qai vinaka qori ni mai drau exposed tu taki vaka oqori. Well we cant turn back the tide coz Agnes loves to do what she likes most….she may be a decent girl in public but we cant judge a person inside her bedroom. She can be quiet and well respected from others but sexually active in bed….Cava meda cakava rawa kina ni via kubu on her own free will qai top up taka yani ena nona sua niu..na cava e ca kina vei keda.Ena qai ca ga ni na duri mai o Ballu qai kana ena loma ni nona kuro o Agnes ka da qai raica kece tu na kena levu ni a qoroqoro taumada kina o Ballu. Ballu chooses Lau girls because they may be fair, decent look, slim in waist but thick vagina…and sexually acitve and that the fact.

  33. Nah man …She loves money. Always did. Good catch Agnes , now all ya gotta do is gut him and clean him.

  34. What a crazy thing to do..putting money as everything in this life…poor Agnes sucking and rocking the ass hole …..what is the next move..better tell him to suck you finger mouth watery pussy n i think that squares everything. That what Lau girls prefers. They may be decent but fucking good in bed.(You can judge women`s pussy by the size of their mouth)

  35. L.A ho as fake as the tit’s on her chest.

  36. Ballu’s bought botox bitch. Damn ugly.

  37. damn shame

  38. Agnes Khan is the lowest type of woman a man could ever have the misfortune of meeting in his life. A shameless liar, a cheat, and an adulterer who cares only for designer clothes and her vain surgically enhanced appearance. How many starving children could have been fed with the money she has spent on herself for plastic surgery,designer clothes, jewelery and expensive cars? Ha ? Just another Crazy and confused Church going Hypocrite with a poisonous hellbound soul. A Wise man could only consider himself truly blessed to be rid of such a treacherous,disloyal and vile creature …The Lord truly watcheth over the righteous. The Lord condemns the guilty and has eternally cursed the wicked ones. As time goes on the Lord’s curse will become abundantly clear, the wicked will hear the laughter and rejoicing of the righteous. They have gotten away with nothing.

  39. We will see if the weasel accountant Ballu Khan is capable of grinning and laughter when confronted face to face by the wrath of the righteous?
    We will see if he is keen to rub other peoples noses in his filth when they are standing in front of him.
    We will see if he is able to repeat the lies he has spoken about the righteous to their faces.
    We will see if he is capable of repeating his threats of doing bodily harm to the righteous when they are face to face? Everybody will see. And they will see the results too. For a long time they will all live with the results. Everybody. Be patient.. coz the “Lord works in mysterious ways”..You vile heathen fuckers.

  40. How is his forced marriage going? Visa’s and bribes all squared up? Ballu, make sure you get a paternity test. We heard there was about 3 different blokes screwing Agnes at the time. Ahh Ballu…you really got the woman you deserve!!! :)))))))))))))

  41. Agnes was forced into marrying Ballu, however…. he was also forced into marrying her. After he discovered her getting fucked in Auckland by every Tom, Dick and Harry behind his back, (Which the family in Auckland knew about and hid from him in-case it interfered with their regular payments from the DOPEY millionaire) he realized just how deeply the treacherous skank could sink him if she moved away from his sight and fell into the hands of a relentless prosecutorial team with the patience,virtue and resources to Fuck him good and proper. She was witness to all the corruption and dishonest dealings over the years. One can only imagine the COUNTLESS times he would brag to her about his criminal enterprises in the hope of impressing her enough to get his dick sucked that night. He knew that she was aware he was guilty of conspiring to murder and would have given him up in a heartbeat if cross -examined in court. He married her so he could be sure that she could not be called as a witness against him in any future prosecutions. Deceivers deserve deceivers :)))))))))
    Tick Tock goes the clock …and there are COUNTLESS ways to skin a sack full of skunks.

  42. TheLordsWrath

    I heard Agnes was getting screwed in Ballu’s pick up while she was copping a lecture on the phone in Auckland:) He was overseas on one of his trouble makers errands, Agnes put him on loudspeaker and got back to business in his ride with some random guy. Some bitches have got no respect eh Ballywho? I mean Agnes bringing Random guys back to the apartment that you are paying for is bad enough…but getting drilled in your ride while your speaking to her on the phone is just plain VICIOUS? πŸ™‚ I bet she denied that when you interrogated her eh? Well she is a shameless liar after all. No? How do you like them apples you two twits. eh? Is the Lord working in a mysterious enough way for you now? hahahaahah More to come so stay tuned. πŸ™‚

  43. Vakasisila na cai kaidia..

  44. Ballu iko mo lau vutu vinaka mada na nomu sona…..agnes sa rui ka lailai na kau nei tua balu,tovolea mada na kani ohe..lol.

  45. Pitbull- Back in time baby.

    Ballu’s E-mails to Agnes are gettin around the QE II barracks from when she dumped him and fled to Australia to get out of having to marry him. The one where he tell’s her she’s got a smelly pussy because she fucked some other guy and then went and fucked him straight after is a hoot! Everybody laughed at that one. Especially Frank.

    I wonder what it is like having to ponder whether or not the people standing right in front of you have Google’d your name and consequently read all about you? They wouldn’t tell you would they? They would just talk behind your backs and snicker at the attempted facade of decency that nobody believes. Wouldn’t they? Well that’s what people do. The legacy of the Ballu khan Indian abomination is there for all to read about. Forced marriages are an Indian thing are they not? ……Dog!

    The content of the other E-mails will be released as the Lord see’s fit. The Lord hasn’t finished yet. Not by a long shot. I am going to drip feed you fucker’s a plate deserving of your deeds and your attitude. Patience. Resolve. Single minded attention to detail, all working together to bring about the creation of a day when all comes to fruition. And a lesson to all who would ever TRY and wound me again.An example if you will. Which you will. One of you vile heathen cunt’s is going to claim total responsibility for seeking to rub salt in a wound. Which one will it be I wonder?

    See, it’s not what you did..it was the spirit in which you both did it. And one of you is going to receive a devil’s recompense which will effect the other. πŸ™‚

    P.S. It’s ROMAN Catholic church. NOT Indian Muslim dog Catholic church.
    We do not forgive. We do not forget.

    That detail will be important. You’ll see.

  46. Wow what an achievement. Agnes had something special which Honorable Ballu had to bow down to…..its an alter which all men worshiped(you may be a pastor, president, a wizard), since birth we bought our way back in. Brothers betrayed brothers, kings abdicated, governments toppled, all because of these little 3 inch stuff which expends when in the mood and contracts when not disturbed….a millionaire had to sacrifice everything because of these…and at the end of the day the size of that such body icon will make the difference. That`s what we call” women of today”going for money ….gone are the days when they search for the hearts of men ……its what you have which they are after. Whether she has to suck, licked, ordered such position to perform on bed…….my advice…sua niu ga vakalevu me cavuka nai cegu nei Ballu.

  47. Igotbetterthingsinlifetoworruabout!

    It’s 2014 now and y’all going get a life! Move on and out of here you hear. Lmao! Everyone is so funny. Grow up and deal with issues in your own life instead of the smaller things in life that only bring you down. Live love lifπŸ˜„

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