March of Futility

From Noob Saibot

With reference to the planned march at Hyde Park in Sydney, I wish to express my views in this article.

The march by the ex-Fiji residents is one which will be in futility. I do not foresee any changed being brought about from this march which will have a direct bearing on any person living in Fiji nor do I foresee any possible changes to the current clean-up being conducted by Military Forces of Fiji. In fact, I firmly believe that the ringleaders of this instigation are merely using this opportunity to further their political and financial positions. I find it rather difficult to understand why people such as Pramod Rae and Ted Young believe that their voices will achieve absolutely no victory as it is being echoed on foreign soil. If these people are as genuine as they claim to be about Fiji, then why do they not hold protest marches here in the capital instead of abroad? If they truly believe in their ideas and can rouse enough support to march through the capital, then it is somewhat questionable as to why this is not the case? I have often heard and was told early in life that if you believe strongly in something, then you should be prepared to go through the most strenuous challenges inflicted upon you for your beliefs. Obviously these gentlemen have little or belief in their ideals which has resulted in them running to Australia where they crow about democracy and freedom of speech – ideals which they could easily have voiced in Fiji by using the appropriate channels and mediums.

The second issue of contention which intrigues me is the fact that former Fiji citizens are also taking part in this march. I am dumbfounded that these people who chose to leave Fiji on their own accord are now taking an interest in the very nation they abandoned. They talk about democracy and organize protest marches in a country which has little bearing on our political and democratic processes. If anything, the only factor in our relationship with countries such as Australia is our trade relations. This should not be seen as an excuse to assume that Fiji now belongs to Australia. In fact, the reality of the situation is that Australia and New Zealand stand to lose more from this trade relations should it go sour – Fiji can turn its back and begin trading with Asian countries with greater vigour and better financial returns. The question we must ask here is do we really need such countries which claim to be our neighbours and “big-brothers” when all Fiji is getting in return is bullying tactics and constant dictations from the Prime Ministers who falsely believe that Fiji should listen to them. One can only wonder why such is the belief when the world knows that Fiji is a democratic state and has a Prime Minister, Ministers and state officials who have the necessary skills to decide the fate of this nation without the interference of such countries. We are not, as far as knowledge serves me, a dominion of any country and according to the articles of diplomacy, should Fiji not be left to resolve its problems the “Fijian” way?

I have been following the events surrounding the Hyde Park march closely and can only ask the protestors to consider their actions carefully – is it not in vain that you march in a foreign country which cares little about its citizens from the Pacific? Is it not a well known fact that Pacific islanders have always been considered second class citizens in such countries?  What will your march achieve? The world already knows about the coup in Fiji. The world already knows about media censorship. The world already knows about the abrogation of the constitution. And yet it has done nothing expect express concern which is of little use to us as we go about our daily lives solving our problems our way. Will the voice of a corrupt, failed politician and unionist change the way we perceive things?

If these people were genuine about their cause, they would be here in Fiji helping take the country forward and working beside the people who have been toiling and tilling the land here for many years. These are the true patriots of this country because they didn’t turn their back on the nation when it needed them. Let these foreigners who claim to have Fiji at heart march – their voices shall not be heard.


7 responses to “March of Futility

  1. Good post Noob. Oz and NZ are of the opinion that democracy is a tick on the ballot paper. Far from it. Instead of helping, they chose to be an obstacle when a true son of Fiji stands up to defend the rights of all citizens regardless of race, colour or creed. Parliament sessions in these countries start with a short prayer to The Lord and then put on the back burner as quickly.Hypocrisy at its best, when Pres. Musharraf of Pakistan visited Oz, he was given a red carpet treatment and on the contrary, PM Frank cops all the abuse for protecting Fiji citizens from the racist former PM Qarase

  2. Very good post Noob. I see a familiar face or two amongst the few gatherers, even one giving a speech. Most have been gone a while and have lost touch of reality in Fiji. When they left their home country, they sold up, took their money and invested in another country they now call their home. They say they have Fiji at heart, but really, they left for a ‘better life’. My point is, they have left, so stay out. If they want any form of contribution or say in Fiji, have the balls to put your money where your mouth is – back your own country from inside, not from a distance.

  3. Nobb, you have really nailed it in this story. Well said, these people were only looking for an opportunity to have a meeting and a good catch up, i doubt that any of them are really concerned about FIJI. just an excuse to go and drink grog!

  4. jollyroger

    FYI…I dont think you know what “democractic state” means cause Fiji hasn’t been a democractic state since Qarase was removed from office!!

  5. jollyroger, Qarase was the guy who said “democracy is a foreign flower” and his style of govt. endorsed that statement. Chill out son and read this

  6. to jolly roger: yes it was a democratic state but we in Fiji saw how they entertained corruption to the highest order, not only that, they had Ministers that were only there for thier pockets!!!!! 5th Dec 2006 was the best day ever!!!!!

  7. who need australia and new zealand/ when china can bankroll your vision, so piss off and help your own people, look after your own back yard first. for e.g the aborigines and the maoris.

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