Back FIJI from the inside

From Boo Boo (I think most will agree with this comment)

I see a familiar face or two amongst the few gatherers, even one giving a speech.

Most have been gone a while and have lost touch of reality in Fiji. When they left their home country, they sold up, took their money and invested in another country they now call their home.

They say they have Fiji at heart, but really, they left for a ‘better life’. My point is, they have left, so stay out. If they want any form of contribution or say in Fiji, have the balls to put your money where your mouth is – back your own country from inside, not from a distance.


6 responses to “Back FIJI from the inside

  1. I think the biggest crime for your country is failing to raise your hands to help us move forward especially whenyou have the skills and knowlegde and expertise.
    Jon APted could have led a team to assist as the Supervsior of Elections, assisted by Ratu Joni, Richard and the Fa Brothers in COnstitutional Reform. Grahm Leung could have assisted with the Judiciary adding flavour and voice and balance. The church could assist in telling its follwers that this is an exciting time for change and the YPCN to tell the youth that the their rights are empower4ed as they can now participate politically. Shamima and Virisila, the same with Women. The only hang up is Democracy.. They do not realise that this is a journey of self determination a a given chance for all citizens as equals to charter a new way forward to True Democracy which even NZ, Austalia will envy.
    People put the hang ups aside and look at this as a real chance for Self Determination. Change is happening do not grow old with a gripe on your shoulder chip in shape our destiny.

  2. Well said, “Reason”, cant agree more. You have identified the people that can make a real difference by co-operating, and had that been the case, the decree regarding lawyers’ practising certs. would never have had to be enforced. Frank/Iloilo tried their best to save the 1997 constitution, but it effectively has been ditched by the 3 appeals court judges and Qarase & Co. The only major amendment necessary was the electoral provision. I wonder if these champions of democracy, Aust & NZ will ever ease off and allow Fijians to enjoy a true democracy. In the words of Thakur Ranjit Singh from NZ, “AUST AND NZ ARE APPLYING A “FIRST WORLD MEDICINE” TO A “THIRD WORLD SICKNESS” “.
    Pls read this. I have posted this in other threads as well.

  3. @Reason…Well said and I agree. All personal agenda must be set aside – the whole situation is bigger than all of us. For those of us who still remain true to our country and continue to live here in the midst of all our political upheaval, let’s work together to make this country work and be the envy of other democracies that assume to be our ‘big brother’!

  4. Raw FN is reporting that these morons are planning another march, this time in Canberra. As if we care. What did they achieve by the Sydney march? Aust & NZ are waking up to the fact that the answer to Fiji’s problem is not a snap election under a racially divisive electoral system.

  5. well said booboo, been in aussie for 25yrs. but my heart is still back home. frank youve got alot of courage to stand up to australia and new zealand ,god bless you and your team. moce mada ratu.

  6. @ Joe.. Thanks for that had a read through Brij’s paper, excellent analysis . Quite apart from the diveristy of the Fijian structure, the various levels and layers, I thought Brij failed to also acknowledge that Fiji unlike most Pacific Islands is heterogenous with various races, religions and peoples. While trying to divest itself of a traditoinal feudal structure it has to merge and harmonise the various demands of the various different and diverse grousp of people. Clearly Democracy is the answer but we have to address those differences first and honestly and arrive at Democracy which suits us. Frank is doing it the right way. Assuming all is well and thinking that elections will solve all as step to democracy is attempting to repeat a failed formula.

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