Australian media do your homework!

From Ruff8boy

The continuous onslaught of Interim Govt criticism with a slant by Australian media goes on un ceasingly . While the disenchanted and gripe ridden gather in Hyde Park, Pacific beat repeat interviews with Rev Manasa Lasaro and his staunch unwavering commitment to stand for Good Governance and Bravery together with the rest of the congregation.
I am surprised though that the Australian Journalist have forgotten that the same man was behind many of the nationalist coups of the earlier years. Starting with Rabuka and Speight and now against Frank.
Any Good reporter would have done simple dig of his past to also find that the same clergy was known for starting the first strike in his boys high school.

In his late years still a rebel without a cause making on impact on the not very savvy Australian journalists. No wonder the Hyde park hallyballoo makes news in Australia if this lightweight media people are making news.


One response to “Australian media do your homework!

  1. Indeed, you raise excellent points Ruff8boy!

    Australian journalists (in the majority) re: Fiji, are to say the very least, unlearned.

    Lasaro:- is a malevolent racist, bigot and opportunist, shamefully masquerading as a man of the cloth. I am quite sure John Wesley must be turning in his grave, at the thought of Fiji´s voodoo Wesleyanism-hijacked by nationalist ignoramuses once removed from the Neanderthal.

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