Military will not be moved

Republic of Fiji Military Forces Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti said that planned gatherings by former Fiji residents at Hyde Park in Sydney today is not going to change one thing.

We will not be affected and they should remember that. We will remain with our stance because the majority of the people are behind us and have supported the moves implemented by this government”.

‘Fijians living overseas should not be involved with these things happening at home because they are not staying here to experience it’ he said

They’ll be speaking to fulfil their own political agendas’

The main speakers at the gathering are Ted Young, Unionist Parmod Rae and businessman Ballu Khan (YAWN)


6 responses to “Military will not be moved

  1. The continuous onslaught of Interim Govt criticism with a slant by Australian media goes on un ceasingly . While the disenchanted and griperidden gather in Hyde Park, Pacific beat repeat interviews with Rev Manasa Lasaro and his staunch unwavering commitment to stand for Good Governance and Bravery together with the rest of the congregation.
    I am surprised though that the Australian Journalist have forgotten that the same man was behind many of the nationalist coups of the earlier years. Satinding with Rabuka, with Speight and now against Frank.
    Any ggod reporter would have done simple dig of his past to also find that the same clerigy was known for starting the first strike in his boys high school. In his late years still a rebel without a cause making on impact on the not very savvy Australian journalists. No wonder the Hyde park hallyballoo maes news in Australia if this lightweight media people are making news.

  2. John Middler

    A question that i would like to ask the IG is if as Driti says that the people of Fiji are behind them, then why can’t we have elections now? The IG has abgrogated the constitution, they are the law, they can impose the Charter, they say the people are behind them, then let us have elcetions and legitimise the new system! Why wait?

  3. The majority of ex-Fiji citizens, ie the silent majority here in Oz fully endorse what has been taking place in Fiji since Dec 2006. This bunch of morons can march across the length and breadth of Australia, no one here gives a stuff. Keep up the excellent work thus far and no doubt, Fiji will enjoy our style of democracy after the 2014 elections.

  4. I will agree with John Miller. If Pita Driti thinks that the whole of Fiji is behind their move then they should give back the rights of individual citizen to vote for them and that means come down from your high horse and let the people decide. We don’t need to wait till 2014 then have elections Do it now and prove yourself through the ballot box.

  5. vinaka Joe! it’s so enlightening to hear that!!!I firmly believe that the present legal government will bring much needed change for Fiji. LOng Live FB & HE, vinaka

  6. for fiji ever fiji /togetther we stand divided we fall,so keep going frank and team, your vision will prevail no matter what. god bless.

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