You decide who is telling the truth!

A review of Pure Raw Bullshit from April. Now lets see if any of this was true!! Can you see why we have a problem with these bloggers?????

Blog from April 2009 posted on RealFijiNews

Ok, lets have a look at what has been blogged and what has actually happened. We know that the Bloggers are desperate to stir up trouble in Fiji and they will stoop to all kinds of levels so we have listed all the  rumours they posted on the blog last week, and guess what, none of them are true.

FICTION: Curfew, Curfew, Curfew

FACT: How many times does this rumour have to be denied, there is no curfew, there will be no curfew.

FICTION: Military police personnel, some plain clothed and others in uniform, have moved into BP service stations under the guise that they
are protecting it from possible civil unrest.
FACT: A service station got robbed in Nadi and police were called

FICTION: I’m waiting for the day when the US(world reknowned democratic leader) will change the sad events in Fiji to the peoples favor.
FACT: under democracy in America there were 16,929 murders, 90,427 Rapes, 445,125 robberies in 2007

FICTION: The military has taken over the Reserve Bank and have arrested its governor, Savenaca Narube.

FACT: The military were never at the Reserve bank and the Governor was not arrested

FICTION: Sources say Police have cordoned off the court house leaving some lawyers and their clients standing otside the court house.
FACT: The Court house was close! nice try guys.

FICTION: Our sources also report that plain clothed military police have entered all the main Suva branches of ANZ, Westpac and Colonial Bank to watch the activities at the banks.
FACT: Never happened, was never going to happen. Who makes this stuff up, your kids?

FICTION: Reports from Suva reveal that the capital city has started off very slowly today with some shops closed.

FACT: Yes, the court house was closed, last time i looked it wasn’t classified as a ’shop’

FICTION: We have been advised that tyrant Frank has ordered FINTEL, Vodafone, Kidanet, Connect and other ISPs in Fiji to close their internet operations.
Never happened was never going to happen

FICTION: We want to say kudos to Imrana’s group of lawyers and friends who protested outside of Suva court house today.
FACT: Yes great work while all your gutless colleagues blogged from a distance

FICTION: We can report that the military are at the Vatuwaqa FINTEL station where the underground southern cross cable where connectivity and termination for Fiji to the globe all happens.
Never happened, was never going to happen. Think about it, why would they cut off their own communications!

FICTION: We expect Digicel, the independently owned mobile phone company to offer alternative communication packages for the people of Fiji
This is too stupid to even comment on

FICTION: Insiders say orders were given by Frank to hunt down Westpac General Manager, John Cashmore, for giving a telephone inteview with overseas media.
Never happened, was never going to happen.

FICTION: Fiji Military Forces ex-landsforce Commander Ratu Jone Baledrokadroka has sent a warning to Frank that he is about to fall.
Thanks for that Jone, nice to see you commenting from Australia. Come home and say that!

FICTION: Internet based fiji news provider is the only mainstream media outlet that continues to report on what the unlawful military regime is saying.’
YES, well that’s because they report the facts, funny about that isn’t t!

FICTION: We are told that a group of ex-military top brass sent a letter today telling Frank that he has come to the end of his dictatorial journey.
Right, and they are going to give Raw Lawyers a copy of the letter, what a joke. Never happened

Latest from our Fiji sources is that Savenaca Narube, the ousted governor of Reserve Bank, was offered the role of Minister Finance by Frank but Narube turned it down
Too stupid to even comment on,

FICTION: We hear the goons wanted Narube to print money like the bankrupt Zimbabwe but the MAN stood up to them
Really, I mean come on guys, which one of your kids wrote that?

FICTION: The arresting of journalist Edwin Nand and Fiji Law Society boss, Dorsami Naidu, was really unnecessary.
But it gave us something to talk about

FICTION: Our sources from QEB say that Frank’s address to them this morning was unconvincing and laughable.
They do not have a source at QEB so how would they know.

FICTION: We understand that the Fijian vernacular message we received awhile ago and posted in the previous thread is a declaration of war from the Fijian indigenous people.
The letter was a hoax. Still waiting for the uprising. You will find the translation of that letter on this blog.

FICTION: We can reveal here that Frank has plans to close the Australian and New Zealand High Commissions if he sees it fit.
Never happened, was never going to happen. Yawn!

FICTION: FIJI’S military strongman, Frank Bainimarama, has clamped down on radio and internet access in the troubled Pacific country,
declaring free speech causes too much trouble.
Even the overseas media cant report the facts.

FICTION: A heated row erupted between Frank Bainmarama and landforce commander Pita Driti today.
Never happened. Remember they don’t have a ’soruce’ at QEB

FICTION: The attacks began a couple of weeks ago. While families slept petrol bombs were thrown through their windows and cars were set on fire. This week an attempt was made to set the offices of a prominent trade unionist on fire while his employees worked inside.
: Sensationalism at its but, thanks Liz nice to know that even UK journalists are crap at their jobs. Footnote, Liz was undercover in Fiji and reporting back to head office in London.  She gives journalist an even worse name.


4 responses to “You decide who is telling the truth!

  1. Sorry to digress. OMG! This is a fantastic blog site! About time too.. Just had enough of dim wits (anti-Government) blog, How can people blog about lies, evil intentions, and just black hearted emotions. They blog about everyone’s personal/private affairs and their kids get thrown into it too, Its SSOOooo Evil. I am sick and tired of these bloggers prosecuting the Catholic Church. At least the Catholic Church does not segregate their members due to race and Title (Rt or Adi): I remember going to Church at the Sacred Heart Cathedral and Saw Rt. Mara and Adi Lady Mara sitting behind me when I turned around to shake hands with them during the “Peace be with you” session. How cool was that!
    Enough of the racist and segregation garbage from the Anti-Government Bloggers! Time for a change mada.

  2. prue rouse

    The war of words must be won. President Barack Obama has reminded us all: ‘Language matters’. Measure the language – measure the man. The tone of the blogsites reveals all.

  3. A Coin has two sides

  4. too much fucken bloging not enough fucken solving just fucken hopeless

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