Unethical bloggers destroying FIJI

From RFN – Our comments are in blue

The YPCN is disappointed with actions taken recently by the security forces detaining high profile lawyers because of a Blog suggestion that they could be bloggers. Such suspicion based on almost no facts but a unauthenticated erroneous blogsite is totally unprofessional and frivolous.

Let us state for the record. The Anti Government blog sites have used NO FACTS in most of the stories printed. They have been erroneous and unprofessional on all counts. We know these people are bloggers, they promote themselves as Anti Government and have contributed to blogs for the past 2 years.

Its time we decide on respecting each citizen of this nation regardless of opinions, gender and ethnicities. Human rights is so important and is the measure of any leader  – effective and good leaders respect their citizens.

Yes, it is time we started to respect each other, however unless these blog sites report on the facts and stop the rubbish that is printed this will never happen. This blog site was set up with the sole intention of pointing out the inconsistencies of reporting, and the lack of professional ethics and to stop the harm that blogging is doing to this country. It has become a dirty game that has benefited no one, and only harmed the country. We are now in a situation where tourists are not coming to Fiji because of what is blogged and picked up by international media. Is this really the outcome we want, NO. Do we really want to harm innocent people, NO. Do we really want to take joy in losing millions of dollars in funding, NO. Because ultimately we are destroying our people and our land and most importantly our FUTURE.

Lets call a truce to blogging NOW! There is no “eye for an eye’

On this blog we have ALWAYS REPORTED THE TRUTH. Shame the others cant say that. And if you doubt that look back on the lies we have uncovered on RFN.


One response to “Unethical bloggers destroying FIJI

  1. T2wo weeks ago I tried having contradictory views on Intelligentsya published on their site arguing against the Speech made by JB in Australia who used the Australia Naturalisation (?) tenets of fairness and justice and protection of citizens rights as the utmost importance and reminisced as to how this is not so in Fiji.
    Intelligentsya would not publish my views when I mentioned that those tenets were built on racist past that were set as a active governmental policy to whiten the Aboriginese children b y taking them away. NZ also to disastrous extent had a racist policy that saw the Maori language die and revived only in 1980s under the Language Nest scheme Kohanga Reo where Maori adults were encouraged to relearn their own language. At least PM Rudd had the good sense to apologise.
    So protection of rights etc for both our strongest critics does not come with the support of their history.

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