Tupou Draunidalo DRAMA QUEEN!

From one of our readers – Vinaka. This poses a good question, where are all the guns that they talk about?

Being away from home I listen to the ABC Pacific and regional station and having just returned from home heard Tupou Draunidalo with her usual dismissivness an interview saying lawlessness prevailed citing pickpockets, breakins etc  on the rise by youths as sign of general chaos. Secondly she said that the judiciary being in disarray as Fiji was ruled by what she termed Might is Right with soldiers and guns to answer to everywhere.

I don’t quite understand which part of Fiji she resides maybe in the camp then understandably correct for her about the soldiers and guns.

I never saw any of this, Pickpockets and breakins are without being insensitive the normal petty crime.

The Coke light games was well controlled and streets were clear of the usual young men and women drunk and disorderly. Research showed that January babies were high with Teen pregnancies and this is taken back to the Coke Light Games in April  nine months earlier.

Tupou particularly does not make as much sense as her good parents did. She does come across as a little angry selfloathing lawyer. Unlike her parents she tends to be a regresser who is too backward moving and she does have a lot to offer.


4 responses to “Tupou Draunidalo DRAMA QUEEN!

  1. Blindedbythelight

    Oilei….na ndrama! Relax Toops…take a chill pill…they’re just keeping you and me safe. Maybe you need to change your rallying cry to’stop teen pregnancies’ or ‘grow more vegies’ or something constructive.

  2. General.Observer

    Good observation Blindedbythelight. The problem of criminality in Fiji is quite independant from the military. If i remember correctly, 1 in 3 in jail are between 19 and 21, which means they are almost children. This is an issue related to teen pregnancies and lack of familial planning, a problem which is encountered in all developping countries and which has been described by many observers, including bloggers. Anyone with a normal brain can realize it. My suggestion to the current governement : invest more $$$ in sexual education and familial planning and things will get better in less than a generation.

  3. Noob Saibot

    Tupou is a has-been and only looks for methods which will result in her getting the media limielight.

    Ignoring such has-beens and wannabe’s is the best way to tell them they’re not as important as they would like to be!!!

  4. Blindedbythelight

    Agreed General.Ob – our leaders must look at our youth and invest in their education (future). I’d like to add here that investment should – not only be into ‘sexual education and familial planning’ and on academic success but also on sports. Some may not agree with me, but our people, beautiful as they are, are not academically minded, but more sports-minded. Our education system should include different levels of sports sciences and sports studies implemented into the curriculum. Those who are not strong academic students should have a go at doing these subjects at school that will set them in a direction of various disciplines like physiology, sports management, coaching, phsychology, physiotherapy, consultancy, etc, etc.
    Just a thought that may keep our youth too busy with sports that they just don’t have time for too much sex – can’t stop them altogether, but we can help curb the trend. The saying goes…Kids in sport stay out of court.

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