Imraz Iqbal named as blogger

What do Virisila Buadromo, Arshad Daud, Laisa Digitaki, Imraz Iqbal and Pita Waqavonovono all have in common???

Well for starters they were rounded up and taken in separate incidents to the army barracks in Nabua.

There were also warned at the time to stop saying things that would incite unrest in the country. So they publicly shut up, however now they blog away happily on anti Government blog sites.

Imraz Iqbal, is a  well known political activist and former Television journalist. Together with Laisa Digitaki, he is the co-owner of a magazine, Fiji Living.

Iqbal strongly condemned the Republic of Fiji Military Forces for 5 December 2006. An article he published in Fiji Living resulted in been summoned To QEB and warning him against speaking out against the Military.

In September of 2008 iqbal again had a brush with the law. This time the Fiji Police force alleged him to be in possession of the missing gun of the 2000 coup.

Interesting background isn’t it. Thank you for your contribution to the world of blogging.


7 responses to “Imraz Iqbal named as blogger

  1. thank you for exposing these people. They deserve to be named as they have hidden behind blog sites for too long. Interesting that these people run businesses, are journilists, lawyers etc who would bend over backwards to further their careers and business but who stab others in the back.
    I think more people should visit this site and comment, after all you are the only voice on the interent who is standing up and defending the rights of those that have been slandered. I have passed this web site on to all my friends in the hope that more people come here for the truth.

  2. You folks are really pathetic. Prepare for the onslaught from Jon and Richard’s haul-ups.

    It’s so crystal clear that you’re just a re-hashed “Resist RFC”.

  3. Noob Saibot

    “…and the pieces are beginning to fall together with a satisfying click…”

    Keep up the great work. You’ve achieved a revolutionary change today and you should be proud of this. RFN will crumble soon as their bloggers and supporters flee in panic.

  4. EDITORS NOTE – We are all entitled to our opinions. However if RFN stuck to the truth things would be different, however they did not.

    I find that this site is more interested in identifying bloggers of Raw Fiji News then presenting factual news, especially when our mainstream news media are being gagged. There is no real news as its web name suggests but fingerpointing. So childish…lets grow up man.

    FYI, what I have noted about Raw FN is that most of there stories align with what’s coming out of the censored news in, eg, TV, and the newspapers.

  5. What they thought was informative and intelligent has backfired not only on themselves, but on the entire country in more ways than one. Their opinions and comments have been read by many who would have loved to have visited Fiji some day, but won’t because they now view Fiji in a negative light. These potential visitors will not come here now! Thanks to these folks. The gaping hole in our economy that was once our tourism industry is their legacy. This has affected thousands of hotel workers and their families. Leave alone the world economic crisis, these bloggers have done their bit for Fiji. Well done, bastards!

  6. You better start doing something worthwhile and not spend too much time on cyberspace…No matter how hard you people tried to hide the truth, it will be revealed….

  7. Intelligent@RawFN? Hardly! Their presentation is nothing short of common gossip. Pity they didn’t consider writing their stories be they fact or fiction in a professional tone.

    The undertone of ‘sour grapes’ is just too strong.

    I say look for these bloggers on starting with their MTVVL admins and contributors.

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