Anti Government Blog sites under attack


Readers unfamiliar with anti-government blogs could well make an exception and read three recent postings which say much about their thinking, and their concern for the ordinary people of Fiji.

Intelligentsiya seems delighted the EU has reaffirmed financial aid to Fiji is suspended. This is bad news for the tens of thousands of people dependent on the sugar industry.

Raw Fiji News welcomes the possible withdrawal of Forsters from the Fiji Stock Exchange. This will mainly affect the wealthy.

Most seriously, Fiji Uncensored, welcomes the prospect of a mass Methodist parade against the Government, and the horrific consequences this could bring. There are three posts “Maths and Methodists”,”March, at Any Cost?” and a report based on supposedly inside information, “Democracy Movement Says Army under Orders to Shoot Civilians,” from the Australian-based Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement website.

POSTSCRIPT.19 May 2009. I am assured by the author of the Fiji Uncensored post that he does not “welcome” the march and is fearful of the consequences should one take place. Click the Fiji Uncensored blog to see his comments and my reply.


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