Netani Rika wants to join the ARMY!

Little know facts about Rika the Blogger

Interview – Netani Rika

Army ambition: Travelling, adventure and working long hours inspired Mr Rika to become a journalist, though his early ambition lay rooted in being in the army or flying

Quality writing: ‘For the writer (blogger) , quality (amazed he can spell the word) writing depends on the type of story one does.’ ‘Write it tight, get it right,’ is his style (Where did it all go wrong then Rika?)

What about the future? ‘Becoming the president of Fiji (i guess that aint every going to happen now) … and I’d like to become publisher of the Fiji Times.’


11 responses to “Netani Rika wants to join the ARMY!

  1. I have known all along you have been behind the blogging, you with your big words that have got us in this mess and who runs away and hides behind your newspaper. you treat your staff like dogs, you always think you know best, and we all know its because you HATE everyone in the government. you old bastard just retire and let us get on with our lives

  2. Remember sitting drinking with us a few months ago talking your big talk about how you are going to bring down the govenment, how you are the BIG MAN. Well how big are you now, you think your people look up to you, we think you are nothing, you talk about wanting to help FIJI but you dont, all you want to do is win this stupid fight with the military. You talk too much and you think you are above all of us, im glad these people have seen the light, you deserve everything you get

  3. Well you cant hide now!!!!!!!!!! where are you going to run now that everyone finally knows its you that blogs every day from your work computer??????????? we know what a prick you are!!!!!!!!! just glad everyone else knows also

  4. I say we stop buying the Fiji Times. I wonder what the big bosses in Australia would say knowing what you are doing on work time? Give us more names PLEASE, these people deserve to be punished for all the hardship they have caused

  5. REAL FIJI YOU GUYS ROCK…… dont stop, everyone support this site, finally the others are getting wht they deserve.

  6. Hey Rika. Join the army boy and lets see who is the big man then. F*** you and your piece of s*** newspaper

  7. Tsk tsk…Can’t see Netani doing anything constructive for Fiji. Probably kark it before he even tried with that bung heart of his! Heard he was a dog of a boss too. I’ll definitely boycott the Fiji Times along with all my family and friends. I’ve got around 800,000 of them!


  9. Net is not a pure kaiviti. he a half cast. thats why he does not have fiji at heart. bloody qauri at school just like small naca.

  10. Nothing wrong with being half-cast, but a lot wrong with being NETANI RIKA!

  11. OMG…hahahaha…this is a laugh! You mean to tell me that a man of Netani Rika’s intelligence and calibre wud’ve actually one day aspired to be a minimum-wage earner in the army??? No way….he may have his flaws….but he aint that mediocre. The Army is over-rated…however Netani and his troops have positioned themselves VALIANT under all these military crap*

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