Fiji Times its own worst enemy

I think we will all agree with the comments below.  Well done Rika for contributing to the Media Ban, look to yourself for blame NOT others. You have proven your guilt time and time again.

From Noob Saibot

If this is not a clear of the admission of guilt on the part of the FT and its biased journalists, I don’t know what is.

I have said time and time again that the media are pawns of these “big-wigs” who twist them to their fancy. It is people like Netani Rika who are the main cause of the media censorship. Their constant refusal to accept blame for their skewed reporting has landed the entire media industry in hot water.

Journalism is about telling the truth as it is – not the sordid political views of an editor and un-qualified journalist.


One response to “Fiji Times its own worst enemy

  1. Rumor as unreliable as it is has it that a good number of the FT journoes from high to low and a fat number in the middle, good writers as they are, are habitual users of the good ole ganja.

    Smoke breaks are well not BH most of the time.
    Knowing how Ganja is a behviour modifier and tends to work bad for the obsessive and neurotic and especially those with a bone to pick,, I am not mildly suprised some of the tone, stories, language let alone the editing (forget spellcheck) seemed a little skewered if not a little stoned.

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