Fiji Times admission of guilt

From the Editor in Chief  of the FIJI TIMES – NETANI RIKA

Our staff have remained committed to the ideals of a free media, telling the stories that must be told (regardless of the truth) , exposing the weaknesses in State policies (through blogging lies) and also covering human interest assignments.

It is because of their commitment (to Raw Fiji News) and refusal to detract from the cause (regardless of the truth) that the Interim Government has been forced to gag the media.

At the Fiji Times we have found that our people – and many of them are young – understand the complexities of the situation we face (in fact many of them are good honest journalists being dragged down by you Rika)

How do we build their courage? Simply, by not backing down.

Sometimes we are lucky and the occasional story slips through the net. On those days we celebrate quietly (with our blogging leader Richard Naidu and his lawyer mates)


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