Raw continues to spread lies – Connect

More lies from the Richard Naidu’s personal Blog site.

Surpirsing that Richard and John would want to continue attacking Sharon Smith Jones of Connect especially as they have at one stage or another worked for the ATH group.

Suggest you check the facts once again- Connect’s contribution to the ATH group and to FNPF is considerable.

Below is an email from one of our readers

Connect has provided internet throughout  Fiji, made it cheaper than it was years ago,  given access to schools in remote areas, supported the Nadi flood victims (i am one of them) with free internet to get back on their feet, introduced broadband (so you can blog faster) ,  supported womens groups and a host of charity organizations, etc with free internet. Yeah she sounds REAL hopeless!!!

I suggest to those who do have time to write up these fallacies is to use your time productively and concentrate on bringing up your own families with good teachings on values and morals.


5 responses to “Raw continues to spread lies – Connect

  1. leave her along at least she is doing soemthing for the coutnry not like those idiots on RFN who do nothing but complain, she has fijian citizenship so she is hardly an expat, get your facts right…

  2. Blindedbythelight

    Agree with Sefa…Sharon has done more for the Fiji community at large than any of the bloggers from RFN. Keep up the community spirit Sharon and well done for generating overseas interest in Fiji through your involvement with FAVC. No doubt investors will take advantage of the tax concessions FAVC is able to negotiate. Sharon’s contribution to Fiji certainly blasts RFN bloggers out of the water. Sharon…you rock!

  3. Well at least she has a better looking arse than that Ratu Joni and skinny arse Naidu and slack old arse Fa oh and not forgetting the loose arse Apted.

  4. Noob Saibot

    I really don’t see how Sharon could possibly be involved in our political issues – perhaps she is one person we should close this matter here as this has nothing to do with her.

    Let’s stick to exposing the real bloggers and show the world their corrupt ways…

  5. Bottle of Bolli

    Give her the credit she deserves. she is doing a good job running Connect and now is doing her bit to bring in foreign exchange and add a bit light to a gloomy economic outlook. Well done Sharon Keep up the good work. By the way can you get me a part I can’t sing, dance or act bit I want to appear in film. Please I did say nice things about you Please

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