Religion and Politics

From Richard Naidu’s Blog site

Why is it that the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church together with the majority of opportunist members of the clergy, priests, brothers, sisters, nuns and laymen alike have supported the 2006 and 2009 coup-de-tat and Frank Bainimarama’s illegal military government?

Why is there Silence from our church leaders when the Constitution was purportedly abrogated and of all times during Easter?

Why is there Silence when a fellow human being and religious leader is held in custody for speaking the truth in the face of oppression under an invalid and unlawful law?

Have we forgotten what it means to be Catholic?

Have we forgotten the Apostolic Creed?

Well let us tell you WHY… because the Church should not be involved in Politics. Because the Methodist (EX Minister) is a Coup supporter and FINALLY because these religions are helping build a better FIJI not tearing it down. We could go on but why bother its extremely simple to understand why only the SDL METHODISTS are against the current Government.


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