Keeping it REAL

We are not finished  with the list of names behind the RFN blog site, whilst the names we have provided are the big guns, they have a plethora of others writing for them and posting.

Lets keep it professional and not attack those on sexual preferences, as one of our writers said ‘lets not stoop to their level’ and i agree, however i can see that no love is lost between  those who have been dragged through the mud without mercy to private lives and professional careers and the bloggers  on RFN.

We are posting these names because it is long overdue and the bloggers only intention is to harm Fiji and the people in it, by spreading lies about uprisings and civil unrest it ripples into all areas of this county in particular tourism and investment.

If you have other names that are associated to the blog sites submit them and we will investigate, we will NOT publish anyone’s name without proof.

Ratu  ( Ratu Joni)

Fa  (Tevita Fa)

Naidu (Richard Naidu)


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