Blogger – Ratu Joni Mandraiwiwi

Ratu Joni Mandraiwiwi the second blogger on RFN. And another lawyer leaking confidential information and destroying peoples lives in the name of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

Remember Madraiwiwi was dismissed from office on 5 December 2006 by, Commodore Frank Bainimarama. He was evicted from his official residence and from his office, which was a bitter pill to swallow, he is close friends with Richard Naidu and are regularly seen at Esquires coffee shop.

Joni Madraiwiwi is a graduate of Adelaide (LL.B) and McGill (LL.M) Universities. He is a Consultant at Howards Lawyers.

He has worked in the Attorney-General’s Chambers, as an Arbitration Tribunal and sat as a High Court Judge. He served as Vice President of Fiji for two years (2005 – 2006) before returning to legal practice at Howards Lawyers. He has wide experience and knowledge of the workings of both government and the private sector.

We have respect for SOME of Ratu Joni’s thoughts and ideals, however,  how he let Raw Fiji News slip into what it has become today is beyond comprehension.

Is he  filled with that much hatred that he has allowed his name to be dragged into the gutter with the rest of the bloggers on RFN who have lost sight of the truth.


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