Blogger number 4 – John Apted

Blogger number 4 – John Apted

It will come as no surprise to anyone that John Apted is part of the group of bloggers. His name has been mentioned from the very beginning  and is constantly linked to RFN blog.

If you have a look at his  bio below you will see where most of the information is coming from on Raw Fiji. His long and varied career in government legal services allows him access to confidential information and anti government supporters within Government, and surprisingly (tongue in cheek) he is an expert on Constitutional Law, something that Raw Fiji News is also an expert on (it is no coincidence)

Before joining Munro Leys in 2000, Jon had a long and varied career in Government legal service. He has held office as Fiji’s Permanent (Industrial) Arbitrator and as the Sugar Industry Tribunal. He was one of the two legal counsel to the Fiji Constitution Review Commission chaired by Sir Paul Reeves (1995-1996) and was also the chief electoral officer responsible for the supervision of Fiji’s 1992 and 1994 Parliamentary elections.

All those who know John will testify to the fact that he can be extremely ruthless in his character assassination  (something else that RFN is an expert on) he is close friends with Ratu Joni and Richard Naidu. Again client confidentiality means nothing to these people.


19 responses to “Blogger number 4 – John Apted

  1. Noob Saibot

    The pieces are falling into place – soon we shall see these ruthless opportunists unmasked for the world to see!!!

  2. suprised that it took you guys so long to work this out. The whole country knows these guys are behing the blog sites. i have a few more names you might be inerested in, they are scum, if i see any of them out they beta watch their backs.

    Why havnt the miliary done anyting about this yet? the gang are slack.

  3. MAKE HIM PAY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS. POOFTA! Now lets see if they can run away from what they started.

  4. Apted has been talking to one of his boys that come to his house, this guy told us that he bragged about blogging and was looking for information to write about. he even told him he would give him some money if he passed on stuff.

    Wouldnt take much to break this prick. take him in for questioning and watch him spill his guts.

  5. Thank you Real Fiji News for finally telling the truth and uncovering these cowards. You are doing a great job keep it up, but please dont stoop to their level.

  6. Seva Vakatora

    This should be an easy one for the Police. Just shine a little torch on his face and he will start crying like a little girl..After all he is the ‘Woman’ in his and Richard’s relationship..Watch your back (side)..YOU GANDU!!

  7. Oh, dear, you people are truly pathetic! Political positions aside, you have identified four of the countries finest minds, and most eloquent writers. Do you really believe that anyone who knows the gentlemen you are slandering here are capable of writing as badly as most of the entries on the Raw Fiji News site?

  8. Start packing your dresses and makeup..why don’t you do us a favour and leave the country..we don’t need a traitor like you..Believe me when we finish with your butt, there will be a new meaning to the word ‘GANDU’ have brought shame to your family and friends..never expected it from you…what a Loser!!!

  9. Noob Saibot


    You have made a rather interesting comment. Would you be willing to either provide us the names of those you know or believe to be involved in the running of RFN? If you’re nervous, you can either email the administrator of this site or me ( and we will be happy to get further details about the names you have.

    While I am amazed that this information is coming out into the light at last (there was a time when these names would not have been mentioned without fear), I don’t really think we should stoop to attacking the sexual preferences of others. After all, two wrongs do not make a right and we would be no better off if we did this. My personal belief is that we need to remain professional and expose these conspirators accordingly.

    Noob Saibot

  10. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Well done you guys for exposing these spinless bastards.

    Im sorry but you are totally incorrect, the writing on most of RFN is very well written and well researched, it is always legal in nature and information that is not in the pulic domain. Yes agree that recently the site has taken a turn for the worst with regards to the level of writing etc, but these so called pillars of society all have a huge grude to bare with the current government, it is not a stretch to believe they are behind the blog site, if you read some of the earlier stuff it was all from a constitutional or legal point of view.


  11. All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.


  12. Noob.You may be right and that is your personal opinion..but people need to realise some of the people who are writing comments are ones who have actually been targeted and their families have been destroyed..when lies are published…the whole family gets involved and ridiculed..and people have read this all over the world and contacted some of these people..there has been a whole lot of explaining to do..Unless you have been through it yourself I don’t think it is fair to make a judgement..I suggest if RealFiji News do not like some of the comments that come through just don’t publish it..I think thats fair..but then again that is my opinion.Vinaka.

  13. Blindedbythelight

    Sera…when the cops do shine their torch in his face…he’ll just say…”don’t shine there…shine here!!!

  14. Seva Vakatora

    Blindedbythe light..You got that one right… What else would you expect from
    John(PILLOW BITER) Apted!!

  15. What a joke! Pillars of society…pppffff…more like pilferers of society!

  16. another man

    hey what about Nikhil Naidu (NZ) Shamima Ali (Gounder) and Yashwant Gounder???

  17. yashwant has a daughter from Tania, sister of his so called wife/ex wife shamima ali. Do u guys know?

  18. crap…… guys have no idea who John Apted is??????he is no ghandu!!!!!!!and just coz people hate him for his straight talking don’t mean he ain’t straight and seriously has any of y’all activated his behind!!!!!GET A LIFE AND RETIRE Y’ALL

  19. Yashwant has adopted Tania’s daughter, so get your facts right before rubbishing anybody.

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