Blogger Number 4 – Tevita Fa

Tevita Fa holding the Blogger of the Year trophy

Tevita Fa,  Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the world of blogging and slander. You have held a grudge against Frank for years and vented your feelings on blog sites. Whilst we know you don’t do your own dirty work,  we do know you are a constant source of information to RFN.

Some background information on Fa. He is Qarasa’s legal advisor and has represented him and Balu Khan in recent years; he is a staunch SDL supporter and has been extremely vocal in his abhorrence for the current government.

The Fiji Law Society named, Tevita Fa, as the Legal Practitioner of the Year for 2006. However the award caused controversy because Fa was disciplined and fined almost $4,700 US by the Law Society the year previously for failing to deliver services for which he had already been paid.

Tevita Fa has lost a lot of financial standing ever since the takeover. Remember that this was the same lawyer who had openly challenged Frank in an arrogant manner just prior to the coup. Most recently his law firm is suffering due to lack of business and financial difficulties.


3 responses to “Blogger Number 4 – Tevita Fa

  1. What goes around, comes around!
    Love to be around when the proverbial hits the fan!

  2. What a load of crap!!!! RFN is so biased towards the military government. Who are you to say such things about a man you don’t even know? Who are you to make accusations about a loyal servant of the legal fraternity who has essentially challenged every government since Ratu Mara’s time? Ask yourself this, are you man enough to do what Mr Fa has done? And if you think you are, then why don’t you stand up and speak what you rightfully believe is true.

  3. This man hasn’t done nothing wrong except speaking againt the current governments actions.. in which NO ONE in FIJI has the guts to do!

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