Richard Naidu behind Raw Fiji News


One of the countries top legal professionals is behind the Raw Fiji News Blog.

Read these wonderful credentials below and then have a good hard think about what motivates these people to write such lies about the country they supposedly love and want to fight for.

They have destroyed lives of people who they call ‘Coup Apologists’ they have lied about the state of the economy, they have lied about business deals, lied about money gained under faulse pretenses, lies about uprisings of Fijians, lied about the Military, lied about the Government. It is so easy to hide behind a blog site and spew out lie after lie.  This site has KEPT YOU UPDATED WITH THE TRUTH, and we have proven time and time again that Raw Fiji’s only intention is to incite violence and unrest in the country and all done at the hands of some of our legal profession.

Richard Naidu is the Managing Partner of Munro Leys. Has been involved over many years in advice and submissions to government on policy and regulation of both the tourism and telecommunications sectors. Richard is an occasional presenter and commentator on legal, media and other public issues in Fiji. He has previously served on the boards of Transparency International and Habitat for Humanity. AND MOST RECENTLY CREATED A BLOG SITE AIMED AT INCITING VIOLENCE AND CIVIL UNREST IN FIJI

Richard works at one of the countries largest law firms, he has access to confidential information on most of the businesses they discuss on the blog site, he has proven without a doubt how low someone will stoop.

It is a sad day when you think back at all the damage they have done in stopping this country moving forward, and for what?

Richard you disgust all of us, all you had to do was fight a clean battle, have the guts to step forward and be a man instead of hiding behind lies and innuendo of a blog site trying to make innocent people risk their lives in rising up again the current Government, whilst you sit in your big house, collecting your big salary and smile knowing you have yet again done NOTHING FOR THIS COUNTRY.

How do you sleep at night? And how does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot? We don’t always agree with the direction the government takes us, they have made their mistakes along the way, but we do support moving this country  forward and doing our bit to make Fiji great. You on the other hand are fighting to bring this country to its knees.



24 responses to “Richard Naidu behind Raw Fiji News

  1. what a bastard. Nice to know that this guy can look you in the face and smile then stick a dagger in your back. I bet his mate John Apted is also behind it.

  2. leagle eagle

    lock him up

  3. Seva Vakatora

    Good on you RealFijiNews ! People in Auckland have been talking about this for months as Richard’s cousin Nikhil (Loser) Naidu had apparently told his friends that Richard was the man behind RawFiji News. This piece of information was later confirmed by Richard’s other cousin Shamima(big mouth) Ali. Your Muslim cousins have let you much for your favourite word MUSLIMIZATION..Now you should watch your back..and don’t forget to go home and warn your wife Dumb Arse Judy..

  4. And to think this is a lawyer entrusted with confidential personal information of many of his clients and non-clients. People who would tell him things in confidence and he used it and a public forum. I wonder how strong your family unit would be if you went through the same thing your victims did?

  5. Richard Naidu

    I have just been directed to this website by people who have drawn it to my attention. This allegation is completely false.

    Please stop circulating this rumour.

  6. Seva Vakatora

    SORRY RICHARD….Not interested in what you have to say..Try and re phrase the sentences in simple english so your wife (Dumb Arse Judy) can understand…Go real easy..she has just learnt the Alphabet Song..

  7. People say your kids turn out the way you bring them up…certainly true in this case..Mr and Mrs Naidu have done a terrible job as parents..Richard Naidu is a traitor and has caused so much pain to many many people…Their daughter Joanna (Coke Sniffer) Naidu has also been boasting about her (loser) brother’s anti govt website..As a all are TRAITORS!!

  8. In fairness to Jon Jon and Richard, I am surprised and quite doubtful of their actual role in the blogsites. They Munro Leys have such a tightass firewall that tracks their calls and emails monitored to death to make sure that they and their staff toe the line.
    They may have strong views but I don’t think they are careless and stupid enuff. Jon Jon did say in the first few weeks afta 6 Dec that the Military should just Abrogate the COnstitution as a means out of the potential probs almost offering an option out. He also said that it will become legit once embraced by the people.
    They were the brains behind the doctrines of necessity and set the Strategy for the winning Chandrika Case.
    Unless of course there is evidence that proves me wrong happy to accept and eat humble pie.

  9. Luke 6: 37 – ” Do not judge others and God will not judge you . Do not condemn others and God will not condemn you, Forgive others and God will forgive you.”

  10. nothing can be done to move the country foward.if richard and vb do this and that,they will die trying.if God says nothing then there’ll be nothing..we do the planning but God has the final say!!!!

  11. wolfinsheepskin

    Is this how low you will go after the Court of Appeal ruling which exposed you all for what your are????

    Mr. Richard Naidu will enter politics from the front door not from the rear end like all of you.

    Play politics like men and not like myHen

  12. well!!!cant say much yall have different opinions

  13. To Seva Vakatora,
    What/who gives you the right to call someone dumb if you do not know that person?Judy Naidu is a very good friend of mine & I can assure you that dumb she aint…perhaps you’re looking at your own mirror & just don’t like what you see?!!!!

  14. saqaniwarrior

    If he is really behind this blog then my comment is that Richard Naidu is a MAN enough to tell the TRUTH in this blog site…this is the reality in Fiji Islands…this government is illegal and does not have the support of the people because it came to power through the barrel of the guns…no matter how well they will try and hide it…its still illegal and God is watching over them…their time will come…

  15. Hey Saqaniwarrior. Almost all good things in the world came from the barrel of the gun. The French modern state, the American Constitution and modern Japan after world war 2. Of which we are all beneficiaries. Actually even our 1997 Constitution was just an amendment of the 1990 Constitution which we got from (wait for it) the barrel of the gun!!

  16. Let me say what we all know. Richard Naidu is anti the government not because of some high ideals, but because he and his law company got huge fees from the Qarase government, and because that oasis has now dried up. One of the things he did for Qarase was to form the Duavata Initiatives, s slush fund of the SDL party set up to receive “donations” from rich businessmen. In return for kickbacks!

  17. Richard, reminds me what the puranias used to say:

    “dhobi ke kutta na ghar ke na ghaat ke”

    Will leave the translation to others

  18. That explains all

  19. This is a real stupid site. Judging from the way most people who are talking here like Seva Vakatora is really a waste of time. Whoever is managing this site should just close it.

  20. woah this is just some of the most petty comments that i have ever seen… I don’t know anyone here personally but even people as young as me are disgusted at the high-school-mentality… but even that is insulting to all high school students!!
    @Seva Vakatora: you are by far the most rude person i’ve had the unfortunate luck to encounter on the internet… your petty and unkind… Your vulgar language reflects poorly on you and makes you seem like an awful person…
    @aagepiche: the various world wars the countless apartheids, the holucast all from the barrel of the gun… btw the American Constitution had many faults for example the in-equality that prevailed leading to another war… the american civil war… open up a history textbook and realize the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people that died at the hand of the gun… i CHALLENGE you to find something entirely good out of a barrel of the gun…

  21. Just discovered this site. Richard Naidu is one of the people who have stood behind democracy in every coup. Clearly these contributors have forgotten Richard’s stand against the Rabuka coup at great personal risk. He is still standing behind democracy. The ‘anti’ contributors to this site are clearly ‘coup apologists’. Keep up the good work Richard. We just do not want coups of any persuasion.

  22. nice richsard keep it up

  23. Why people still use to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is presented on net?

  24. democracy is good but it is bad beware of this constitution democracy law it can hang you up and throws you down its unstable whilst the bible says you bit the child to learn from their wrong doing so that he or she can learn from their individual lesson
    I would like to say a few comments on richard naidu just dont want make a harsh or trouble maker of this country okay stay quiet and keep silence and the government as you have already is selfish government as same as you you greedy person stiling public money ok

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