Black Friday for RFN

By Noob Saibot
RFN  can NOT be taken seriously. Obviously the site is gaining momentum by the day – for the wrong reasons!
The site articulates issues which are non-existent in the wild hopes of getting the wider public to rise up against the government. Obviously when this happens, none of the writer will join the throng and will blog away safely from a distance.
I had at one point raised this with them when the activist Vilisi took to the streets waving his banner. No anti-govt. blogger joined his cause yet they blogged away as if they had been its chief initiators!
The response I received from RFN was that they didn’t want to risk exposure and being subjected to military interrogation – this raises the question as to WHY they blog in the first place if they fear for their lives?
They claim to be ready to die but unwilling to take the first step which is telling their world their true identity. This easily proves their cause is a farce and they simply wish to play on the emotions of others for their sadistic pleasure.

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