Fiji Times behind blogging

By Noob Saibot

The whole RFN website revolves around these (3) lawyers – The saga got out of hand when the govt. announced that Munro’s and Howards would not be used for any legal works and the loss of these contracts as well as the recent TFL contract has left the two organizations rather high and dry!

The RFN website also has members of the media posting articles. In fact, we know that the Fiji Times is the central hub of all the publishing. It is no hidden secret that the Fiji Times  has a huge personal agenda against the current govt. Since the expulsion of their MD and the recent imposition of censorship has merely fuelled the fire which is now clearly seen from the articles on RFN.

The media have far too long bedded with the politicians and as a resulted were rewarded with morsels of information which they used for furthering their own personal agenda’s and careers. Why else did the SDL refuse to meet with certain journalists and chose to only meet with those journalists who would not write against them. The Fiji Times editor Netani Rika is a well known SDL supporter and this is probably why the Fiji Times  never published any harsh articles against the SDL regime; harsh here meaning that nothing absolutely atrocious as was the case recently against the current govt.

If one sits down and notes down all the possible links to RFN, the end result will be obvious. It is a group of digruntled journalists   who pay homage and play the role of servants to the lawyers who created the website.

All the names will be released in due course. 


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