Bloggers names to be revealed

We have two of the names of the bloggers who are directly involved in Raw (lawyers) Blog site. The information we have will be revealed in the very near future.  As Raw Fiji has shown no sympathy for peoples personal lives on the blog site neither shall we, be prepared to be shocked.

Of course if you would like to take a guess  please add your comments here.


One response to “Bloggers names to be revealed

  1. By releasing the names of these “creative writers”, you will give back self-respect to those who have been slandered and those who have lost credibility in the community. Many reputations have been tarnished and families have been ruined or suffered emotional grief because of their libel.

    For inventing these fallacies which have ruined many people, they should be taken to task under the Defamation Act (if we have one in Fiji – these legal folks should know about that!) As well they should be charged for all types incitement and insurrection.

    They have destroyed the credibility of many people in the community and brought about distrust in many families and they should know what it’s like to feel the same pain as those they have vilified.

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