It’s official Raw Fiji Lies (so whats new)

Well this is what we have  been saying all along, Raw Rubbish is just that, lies and hypocrisy. Thank you to the reader who sent this in. This is worth the read.

Below is an email I sent to RFN asking for their response to a few issues I believed were of importance. Perhaps you could publish this on your site for the world to see the hypocrisy behind RFN?

I find it rather strange to comprehend that Victor Lal is an active participant of your blog site (Raw Fiji News). In your recent article (The sorry tale of Ravindra Chaudhry : A Crime against Humanity by Mahendra Chaudhry and others!), you discuss the fate of Ravindra Chaudary who by your assumptions is the brother of Mahen Chaudary. While the issue of kinship is the least of any one’s concern, the fact that you pen Victor Lal’s name as the author of this article does raise certain questions.

I find it difficult to believe that a man who has his own blog site would be interested in associating with your site and whiling away his time writing articles which have little or no relevance in taking the country forward. One of the issues of contention is that your articles do not raise any form of discussion whereas all of Victor’s articles have exactly the opposite. His articles are generally well referenced (although somewhat skewed) and put forward interesting points which one can then debate on. Why is it then that the articles you claim are written by Victor do not do this and why is it that these articles do not appear on his blog site? Either Victor doesn’t like blogging on his site or the more realistic conclusion is that you are falsely using his name to publish your sordid articles – this is terribly wrong and does not do your site any justice. Have you stooped this low at last that you now rope in people who have no involvement in our current political fiasco? I therefore invite you to prove that these articles are indeed written by Victor and if they are, then I assume Victor will have the strength to confirm his involvement with the Raw Fiji News website – at this point, all I am seeing is that Victor is being framed by your group – penning his name to your atrocious articles is legally and morally wrong. This is, I suppose, a clear indication of your hypocritical attitude as you preach about goodness and believing in the bible while you steal and defame the names of others – you must be reading from a very warped bible to be going down this path. Obviously you would not have the gallantry to publish this letter because it would be a huge marketing blow and your ratings would surely plummet once your fans realize your site is a farce and nothing more.

Over time, I have noticed that your material began to lack substance and as someone with close ties to most major influences in Fiji, I deduced the obvious – you were going to create a “Harry Potter” style of site where you publish malicious and shoddy stories about people without any proof. Your reference to Ravindra Chaudary being Mahen Chaudary’s brother without even a shred of evidence is testimony to this fact. In recent days, your articles have gone from mere tales of imaginations to outright defamatory which you gleefully publish knowing that you will never be challenged legally as no one really knows your true identities. I wouldn’t dream of making the usual request for you to unmask yourselves as it is akin to someone trying to derive blood from stone. But the least I can do is request that you have the deceny to do what is right and do what is expected of you before writing any article – research and provide documented evidence of your claims. If you’re able to do this, then the greater public would not take your site so lightly and we would be obliged to take note of your articles and perhaps carry out further investigations of your claims. At this point however, your articles merely tell us that your ability to discern fact from fiction is outrageously poor – you must have failed English classes during your days in school.

In conclusion, I can only hope that a glimmer of light still exists in your currently dormant neurons and that they may fire up once again to show you that you have become so engrossed in your fantasy world that you can no longer differentiate reality from fantasy.

Noob Saibot


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