More on Democracy

Interesting take on the Military in Turkey.

If you look at the situation in Fiji, you need to understand that the dynamics of democracy should not be  restricted to just Australia, New Zealand or Commonwealth models.

“The army believes in democracy, as a form of government, but it also finds it perfectly legitimate to intervene, when the Republic is threatened with downfall. The army exercises an arbitrary prerogative; that of deciding on what situation calls for its intervention.”

Accordingly, the 1960  coup (in Turkey) had been welcomed as the only means to bring change in government, because under the old constitution no oppositional voice had any particular impact in the Parliament. The 1961 constitution came to remedy the weakness of democracy, that is the absence of means of controlling the “tyranny of the majority.” The Constitutional Court, the Senate of the Republic, the Supreme Council of Judiciary, and NSC, that were created were seen as “the control valves of a new power balance” .

Exert from The Military in Modern Turkey


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