Netani Rika (the ravings of a lunatic)

The stupidity of the media, sorry Fiji Times. Our comments are in blue. Amazing that he went all the way to Samoa to tell the audience this piece of useless information.

THE editor of the Fiji Times newspaper, Netani Rika, has spoken out for the first time about how major events go unreported because of military censorship imposed in the Pacific nation.

Mr Rika spoke at a UNESCO workshop in Samoa planned originally for Fiji’s capital, Suva.

The Fiji Times Sunday edition published following the imposition of censorship carried white space in place of stories culled by the censors, and was now a collectors’ item, Mr Rika said.

I doubt this was a statement, actually it was more of a novelity.  All it did was make the paper a collectors item.I think you misjudged your audience!

It was a sensation and drove home to the people of Fiji the point that we were powerless to tell the truth, to tell the country what it needed to know.”

Ok, so lets not forget this Netani, you had been warned several times about biased reporting, no one was stopping you ‘telling the truth’. It is unfortunate that you are  blinded by your own self loathing of the IG. If you actually reported correctly you wouldn’t have been censored.

But the newspaper’s management was told by the Government’s information secretary that white space was not permitted, he said.

I doubt that management would have continued it on for more that a day, it costs money to run white space and after all it was just ‘a statement’

Instead, he said, “we continue to cover stories which do not portray the interim Government in a good light and inundate the censors with copy”, which “more often than not is declared unfit for consumption and knocked back”. “It is an extremely frustrating exercise.”

Yes, and extremely childish. You are so unprofessional I am amazed you are still employed. the audience must have been asleep at this point of his gripping tale. (yawn)

The newspaper provided comprehensive coverage of the closure last week of Air Fiji, the country’s oldest airline, Mr Rika revealed. However, “the censor on duty did not allow our reports to run unless we carried a quote from a specific minister”.

What, you actually had to get a balanced story and speak to a Minister! See once again you show how little you understand about professional journalism. Please resign and do us all a favour.


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