Div Damodar for PM

There is a  rumour around that Div Damodar (from Village 6) has moved to the PM’s office,  it’s not true.  We can confrim that he was there to deliver  lunch (Nados Chicken) to Cabinet.  End of rumour.


7 responses to “Div Damodar for PM

  1. Yeah well thats a step up from being an usher at the movies.

  2. Sign of the times…business owners deliverying their products straight to your door! Now that’s customer service!

  3. you people are just jalouse of him.cause he is rich n happy with his family.you should be ashamed of your self.if you cant earn then dont say shit abot anyone.

  4. Yes I am rich and yes i am working for the military. as Tommy said you are all jealous of me, yes i work for the military i bring skills that they dont have, they dont make a move without talking to me, so you can all be jealous, but im the man, i have the power and one day i will run this country

  5. Movie Goer

    I hope you do end up running the country. it would be so cool to have someone like James Bond running Fiji. do you think they will come and make the next movie here. WOW that’s cool. DIV keep up the good work it won’t be long before the PM hands over to you. when you are PM are you going to have an Aston Martin or a BMW. i think the Aston Martin would be cooler

  6. Everyone’s rich in their own way- Tommy included. Jealousy is a word for children in a schoolyard. Good for you Div on your wealth and affluence., but being wealthy does not make one a good leader, let alone PM. If deliverying food to the PM is a way to move up the political ladder, then Fiji really has a big problem. God help us all.

  7. again you people bulshitting about him..you all are lossers..loosers..