Joke of the day

Raw Fiji Rubbish

As usual they have lost their way and are struggling to find anything credible to say.  However interesting turn of events, as all other avenues have failed, the bloggers have decided to try and cause unrest by suggesting there is some sort of conspiracy happening with the Muslims in Fiji. Victor (yawn) Lal is now and expert on the subject of ‘Muslimnization of Fiji’ . Nice try Victor? must have taken you days to look that word up in the dictionary!

They are still on about Driti (just doing it) whatever ‘it’ is, and are bringing a new twist to very old stories. They have been ‘reliably told that Fiji Military Forces landforce commander Pita Driti and its 3rd FIR head, Ului Mara, are extremely unhappy with the advice given to Frank by Aiyaz Khaiyum, Colonel Aziz Mohammed and other muslim advicers’. See here we go again with the Muslim stuff, nice try guys but it’s still a JOKE.


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