Frank won’t back down

Graham Davis | May 01, 2009
Article from: The Australian
While Bainimarama’s opponents applaud the tough regional stance against him, others wonder about the price Australia and NZ eventually may pay in strategic terms for a stance that’s widely seen as flawed.
Will Bainimarama back down? Not with support from China and India, both with ample means to back their own strategic ambitions as emerging global powers.

What would an early election achieve? Well that’s the problem: precisely the same dynamic that triggered the 2006 coup. All sides concede that, without electoral reform, any poll in Fiji would produce certain victory for Bainimarama’s chief political opponent, Laisenia Qarase. And there’s the rub, for Bainimarama insists Qarase is finished because of his racist agenda and will return to power “over my dead body”. The burly guards who constantly shadow the PM are there to ensure the latter part of the prophecy is not fulfilled.


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