Uprising No 3

You can see where we are going with this can’t you! So far there is absolutely no credibility to any of these stories. We would like to thank Mrs Qarase for her comments on Fiji One as quoted below.

From Really Raw Bullshit

To avoid censorship, ONE News broke the rules and met with Fijians in private.

One woman (Mrs Quarase) wished to remain anonymous due to feared repercussions of speaking up.

“I am hoping that we will remain focused that there is one common enemy and that is the military and their leaders.” (Well said Mrs Q, your husband must have written that for you).

“I do have fear, I do have anxiety about what they will do to me. I do not believe to be silent is the way out of it,” she says (There is nothing to fear but fear itself, relax and have another drink)


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