Frank Said…

AS: What do you think about some of the condemnation that has come internationally about what Fiji’s been doing at the moment or what your regime has done?
FB: Well, I can understand the condemnation about … what’s your name again?
AS: Adrian.
FB: Adrian, this is to do with us. This is to do with Fiji and we are doing this for people in Fiji. We want to bring about changes and come up with the reforms that will bring about a better Fiji, so you can go ahead with your condemnation, but we need to do this for Fiji.

AS: Isn’t opposition part of what a democratic society is all about?
FB: It is the opposition that has led to the abrogation of the constitution in Fiji, so we want to do away with that kind of opposition. We want to look forward and come up with the reforms that we are going to make.
AS: Why has the media been censored in Fiji?
FB: Well, that is exactly why. I thought I answered that question. We really don’t want any negativity around Fiji right now. We want to move forward, take away all the opposition to the reforms that we are going to make.


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