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By comment8r
Solutions Not Cicumlocutions
The last elections held in Fij had more votes counted than registered voters. Is that what Aus and NZ call democracy?

The former PM only got in to power on the back of a coup himself.Is that what Aus and NZ call democracy?

MC won the earlier election in a landslide then there was a coup.
People must have been thinking if we vote labour there will be a coup.
Fiji has never seen democracy.

I logged in to this site (raw fiji bullshit) to hopefully get some unbiased view (you are on the wrong site then) .I do not support the IG. I do not support most of the comments on this site.

I support Fiji and her people. In particular I support Fijians land rights and equality for ALL. I have no axe to grind. I have no benefit from having certain people in power. I am a comment8r.We can talk about the spilt milk all day and night.

How about some constuctive suggestions of how to solve the problems of the past and allow Fiji to be the shining light of the Pacific once again.

Too many want to whinge and whine. Aus and NZ just want to condemn. If Australia and NZ were genuine thay would assist Fiji to fix the electoral system ASAP and get the people into the polling booths ASAP. Thats not politics but is it!!!!!!!!!

The systemic problems going back to 1987 needed to be resolved otherwise the coup culture continues. I cannot say whether the actions in the last few weeks have been the right ones or the wrong ones. The root cause needs to be located and fixed. Then the symptoms will go away.

Had the C of App granted a stay, the money and assistance would have flowed in and the electoral system could have been fixed.
Whether VB’s actions are right or wrong only God knows. A stay might have provided some face saving time and “politically speaking” would have justified the Aus and NZ governments decision to open the purse strings.

To condemn VB or support VB? NEITHER – Support FIJI.


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