Real Fiji news – China v Australia

We don’t know who Ratu Bill is but lets give him a round of applause!!

By Ratu Bill
This ( in response to China’s chequebook diplomacy) is what Aust and NZ and other “white man” countries should have thought of eons ago. They restrict access to their countries to us and deny us the opportunity to be seasonal workers. They treat us as if we were still living in the Colonial days. Now they jump up and down when China comes along trying to improve our lot with chequebook diplomacy. The way things stand at the moment for Fiji, beggars can’t be choosers. So if NZ and Aust can’t help the average citizen here improve their lot, we say bugger off boys! Any form of assistance right is welcome if it boosts our ailing economy, helps put food on the table, creates jobs etc., At the end of the day, the average joe is more concerned about his family’s welfare than the power struggle going on n the upper echelons of govt.


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