Driti thinks you are a joke

Below is the latest attempt by Raw (desperation is evident) news to cause trouble.  Sources from deep within the Military think this is the biggest joke of all times, in fact Driti and the PM were discussing it over a bowl of grog just recently.

So what we don’t understand is this, these bloggers are against the Military and Frank, but now they seem to have decided that half the military are ok (how they judge that is anyone’s guess) and they are encouraging Driti to overthrow the current PM (that’s Frank) so whilst on one hand they are crying democracy, they are also encouraging another coup.  So, the story so far is this, they want another Coup lead by driti to over throw the current PM, so when Driti gets into power whats he gonna do? Yes we are all confused with this logic, but its what lawyers do best, talk bullshit, just thank god we are not paying for this advice.

I’m sure that Driti needs to REDEEM himself from his past and not to mention his SLAVERY.. nice writing boys, straight out of a novel!

From Raw Fiji Bullshit

Dear Pita,

This is the TIME to regain your self respect, to put the PAST behind you and to REDEEM yourself from the bonds of SLAVERY in which Frank has placed you.

You can REWRITE your blemished military and personal record by leading your men, as a TRUE MILITARY OFFICER would, against the tyrant who is fast losing his mind and losing his country.

REMEMBER – the Chinese don’t offer free lunches. We cannot afford to have Frank sell our homeland to anyone.


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