Chris Pryde – Well said..

Fiji’s Solicitor-General Christopher Pryde has hit out at criticism from the New Zealand Law Society, following his reappointment today by Fiji’s President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

A statement from the Attorney-General’s Office said a letter from the President advised Pryde he had been appointed Solicitor-General under the State Services Decree 2009.

In a statement soon afterwards, the former New Zealand lawyer said people could bury their heads in the sand and wish that things were otherwise but the fact remained that the President had abrogated the 1997 Constitution.

Pryde said New Zealand Law Society president John Marshall QC’s comments that lawyers should not accept office with the Fiji government were paradoxical.

“It is precisely at this time that Fiji needs good, competent lawyers to assist it and I am pleased that all the New Zealand lawyers working in the various ministries and departments in Fiji, including in my office, have committed themselves to staying on and seeing the country through this difficult period,” he said.

“The reappointment of people, including lawyers, to government positions and judges to the judiciary is an important part of that process without which, the road will be longer and rockier.”


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