Translated just for you…

We have received several requests (mostly from overseas media organisations) asking to translate a blog from our favourite blog site. The blog was written in Fijian and ONLY for Fijian eyes. We are happy to translate it here for you. It reads….

Hey gang, Man i am running out of lies to spread about Frank and the Boys, I though if i wrote this in Fijian it might scare the gang. So yeah, hey well things are going well on our blog, we have lied our arses off this week, the thing is set eh! Really we know Frank is a set guy and we agree with what he is doing for the country, we just keep bullshitting you gang for something to do.

So we are having a brainstorming session tonight to decide on what more lies we can tell, if you have any good ideas then we might buy them off you because we have run out of them. Hell its real hard blogging all day and then trying to run our law firm and pretending to be against Frank. So yeah, this is a desperate attempt to make people think the Fijians are gonna stir the shit. Ok better get Richard Naidu is on the other line and has some good ideas for more blogs. . Moce mada.


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