Idiot of the week goes to …

Our favourite blog site for achieving absolutely nothing, yes that’s right, NOTHING,nothing they have said has come true, there goes your credibility!! People are starting ro realise what a load of crap they are talking, see people, don’t believe anything you read those blog sites.

So, they have achieved nothing, done nothing and will remain the joke of the country, if they only knew that most people go there for their daily laugh and no one takes any notice of them because most of us know exactly who they are and what their hidden agenda is (yes Qarase is involved in the blog site and his supporters)

So remember folks you read that rubbish, but if you have to read it for your daily laugh please do not take any of it seriously, its all lies, their job it to make you guys panic. Rise above it and tune out and tune in to more positive things.


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