Victor Lal leaking emails

The story below is a classic example of stupidity.  It was to have started speculation over hacked emails, however all this says is that Victor (we are so sick of reading your crap)  Lal has passed on emails from the AG, interesting how he got the emails but obviously though one of his lawyer mates.

So whats the big deal, the Government don’t want to use certain law firms, well why would you give your money to these guys?  Are we all not free to chose who we want to do business with?  But just goes to show the ethics of Victor Lal.  OH and just for laughs and to show how desperate these guys are for news  this exchange of emails happened in an  11 June 2007. Really gripping stuff that law firms are fighting over each other for government $$

From Raw (Lawyers Blogging Team) News

Bloggers! We have managed to get access to the private e-mails of that treasonous wannabe Attorney-General Khaiyum. So don’t panic! Like our moles in the FHRC got hold of her partner in crime Shaista, we can tell you that Khaiyum had used the media to attack the regime’s critics. From the private e-mails we can tell you that he had disclosed to Victor Lal that the Government had issued a directive that the law firms of Munro Leys and Howards were not to be given work by any Government department and or Government controlled entity. Victor Lal has confirmed to us that the e-mails to him from Khaiyum are authentic.


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