Australia obsessed with elections

FIJI’S military regime has criticised Australia for being “obsessed” with elections and rejected Kevin Rudd’s description of the Fijian leadership as a virtual military dictatorship.

The interim Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, yesterday dismissed the push by Australia and New Zealand to strengthen regional diplomatic sanctions, saying elections should not be held until the electoral laws had been changed to allay ethnic and provincial tensions.

“Rudd and [the Foreign Minister, Stephen] Smith and New Zealand are essentially obsessed with elections,” he told the Herald.

“The people of Fiji do not want to hold elections for the sake of holding elections to satisfy Australia and New Zealand, if the credibility of the elections are in doubt … Because [Fiji has] a commander of the military forces who is also a prime minister does not make it a military dictatorship.”


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