Mythbuster – 4 Fiji’s Lull

Raw (I’m a lawyer lets bolg) Fiji news site is in overdrive today and word is they are not happy with our quick responses.  Their latest blog, read below, is ABSOLUTELY untrue.  The only reason for a ‘sickie’ today is because the weather is Suva is miserable.  The schools are full, well all except those that are on holidays.  The atmosphere is not fearful, its more like Tuesday blues after a nice long weekend.

We are winning the blog war, Raw (I’m a lawyer and have taken a sickie to write on my blog) keep blogging its giving the country something to laugh at.

From Raw Blog

‘Many people have given the sickie excuse not to turn up to work while some parents have kept their children from school today.

In capital Suva, they say that the atmosphere there is one that can be classified as “fearful” with a feeling that something bad is likely to happen.

There is a lull, which nature teaches us is a sign to prepare for the worse’


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