Australia and NZ get a grip

From the posturing of Australia and New Zealand are we to believe they did not have the intelligence to see this all coming. Don’t they have advisers in Fiji giving them the ‘inside scoop’. We have known for the past 18 months that the constitution could be thrown out,  and what does it really mean to Fiji, NOTHING.

“Australia condemns unequivocally this action by the military ruler of Fiji to turn this great country, Fiji, into virtually a military dictatorship, with the suspension of freedom of the press and actions which undermine prosperity for the ordinary people of Fiji” he said.

Let them ‘condemn’ our actions from afar, the Politicians in Australia and New Zealand have no idea of the political structure in Fiji or the wants and the needs of everyday citizens, if they did they would understand the direction the IG is taking this country.

Wake up people, we have only one choice, support the IG or watch your beloved country crumble.


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